Prof: Hudson McLean

After a 20 year war, with destruction of infrastructure, services and displacement of citizens, it is imperative to activate a Marshall Plan for Reconstruction and Redevelopment of the Jaffna Peninsular and the North East region.

The Government of Sri Lanka led by the Prime Minister should open a dialogue with several governments to implement such a plan.

As the former colonial power, Britain has the first hand knowledge, appreciation of Ceylon and has important relevant information in her Commonwealth Secretariat, which can be put to good use in the initial planning stages.

The main objective, as we see it, is to encourage multi ethnic population of Sri Lankans irrespective of race or creed to establish to create employment and infrastructure in the region.

The Trincomalee harbour with its fuel farm may be offered on a long lease jointly to the American-Russian naval and merchant vessels. By this, the farm will get the necessary renovation for deployment. Automatically the Americans and/or Russians will implement security functions.

Industrial areas may be offered to Singapore, Taiwan, European Union to establish labour intensive manufacturing projects and should be classified as a Tax & Duty Free Zone like Singapore. The management of such a project may be offered to Singapore.

A special Ministry should be set up to SELL the concept worldwide as a revenue generation exercise. The Singapore Economic Development Board (SEDB) has extensive positive experience in this area.

The coastal areas may be developed in conjunction with the Japanese, both for tourism as well as for fisheries project. The Japanese involvement will act as a counter balance to the Norwegians, who are more in favour of the Tamil cause.

The Sri Lankan government should only act as a moderator and as an administrator of collection of levys, dues, taxes etc with the control of law and order.

As is, the Sri Lankan government is not capable of administering what they have. By sub contracting the administration to third parties and involving several independent states, the threat of potential insurgency could be minimised.

Already, plans are afoot to have the Americans start using the North as a staging post to other alternatives they have in the region. Once US operations in Phillipines are concluded, the US may build a military strategic post for the Indian Ocean in Jaffna.

From the Trico/Jaffna base, the US Navy could oversea the north Indian Ocean for illegal trafficing of weapons, narcotics etc. This would enable them to intercept the traffic between the rogue States such as Burma, Cambodia, North Korea in the Far East and The Middle East terrorists.

And of course a careful watch will be maintained on the activities of the LTTE brigade.

This would kill more than a dozen birds with one stone.

If the LTTE is considering deploying any actions in the nearest future, they would have to take on the might of the USA. In one shot LTTE would destroy their own LTTE funding support infrastructure in the USA.

One threat against the US would stir the hornets nest of EU, Australia, Canada etc.

Whatever the intended game plan of the LTTE with their covert smuggling of weapons and the kidnapping of young children, the bottleneck is only getting narrower, closing in for suicidal self-strangulation.

Whatever comments which might be generated by the hardcore observers and the sympathisers of the PA administration, one must accept the fact that Madam CBK would never have gone into Jaffna.

Now the "Title and Ownership" to Jaffna (and the NE in due course), is firmly established by the democratically elected authority of Sri Lanka, only ONE FLAG will be allowed to fly.

The PM has already held official meeting with the intended tenents, the USA.

This should not be considered as a "sell out" to the West. It is much better to have powerful vested interests and investments in the NE without any cost burden to the Sri Lankan government.

By default, it will bring in revenue, employment, peace and security. Above all, it will also give the freedom of choice to any Sri Lankan citizen, Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim to settle down and make a living in the NE.

The Lines of Control and Zones will disappear with the sunset, making Sri Lanka as one independent Sovereign State where all citizens will enjoy equality.

May The Peoples of The Sovereign State of Sri Lanka Enjoy Peace and Prosperity


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