Shocker Of The Year! If Proven True And Worth Investigating.

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What may turn out to be the shocker of the year, here then is a News Item as reported by Lakbima an Australian based Sri Lankan News Site on the Internet which lends much credence to the theory by many analysts that Norway's interests in the Peace Process are vested and that the Sri Lankan Government's collaboration with them in conjunction with their sympathies towards the LTTE is becoming more and more apparent.
This item cannot be swept under the carpet as being pure conjecture as the Navy's involvement as reported has been verified for its accuracy, as the sources responsible for the fact finding have gone to great lengths to acquire their information and the credibilities of Lakbima have been more than attested to as being legit by SPUR the well known Sri Lankan Community Of Expatriates in Australia.

The implications of this news item if provable however may suggest the demise of Norway's involvement with the Peace Process as they then need to be investigated and sent packing together with the Wickremasinghe Administration who would then be proven beyond reasonable doubt as being collaborators with the LTTE, Norways partisan unconcealed support of the LTTE being the key factor to base this conclusion on and a point in time being taken up incessantly by the PA and the JVP whose entreaties after the December General Elections seem to fall on deaf ears in as far as the Administration is concerned.

With so much agitation towards impeaching the President on petty issues this then is an opportunity to initiate impeachment proceedings on the Prime Minister purely on the basis of deliberately jeapordizing National Security who together with his caucases have continually denied bi- partisan dealings with the LTTE but has aroused a great deal of curiosity amongst the learned profession spearheaded by Mr. S.L. Gunasekera and other intellectuals together with many discerning prominent citizens of Sri Lanka who have often questioned the legality of the Peace Process and emphasized the impeachable nature of some of the Prime Minister's actions.

There seem to be no intricacies involved in the blatant attitude of the LTTE in their fortification of resuorces, munitions and cadre and the direction they are moving in behind a shield of innuendoes and fabrications which the UNF Government seems to either accept blindly or deliberately ignore as the case may be though visible to a greater proportion of the Sinhala Nation and in the best interests of the Nation this latest information by Lakbima should be throughly investigated.

Here then is the Story!

SLMM Story About Abduction Is A Canard To Cover Up Missiles Brought For Tigers

'Lankatruth', with the greatest responsibility, states that the media statement issued by SLMM stating that two of their members had been abducted by the LTTE is a gross fabrication and it was created to conceal the transport of missiles to the tiger terrorists.

The truth is two tiger boats had been transporting missiles from India and the boats had come from Indian waters. One boat had engine trouble at sea and their communication with the LTTE leadership on land had been intercepted by the Naval forces bringing to light the presence of missiles. When the Navy craft approached these boats the tigers manning the boats had threatened the sailors that they would swallow cyanide capsules and commit suicide if the boats were searched.

The Navy crafts had sailed back and returned with two SLMM representatives. The tigers had allowed only the two SLMM people to come aboard their boats and they had sailed with them to unload the missiles.

The story about the two SLMM members being abducted had been created to conceal the transport of missiles by the tigers. <br>

As Reported In Lakbima on 14th July 2002


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