The Big Bluff – Phase II - The UNF Regime’s Deceit of the Sinhalas
Mike Opatha


Today the headlines from many foreign media gave prominence to the commencement of “negotiations” between the SL Government and the LTTE, aka Tamil Tiger Terrorists (TTT) delegation. Typical of the hyperbole of the media covering of any “peace talks,” (although having paid scant attention to TTT atrocities before), many headlines screamed of optimism. Of course, such optimism was not entirely concocted by the media. Rather, the optimism was infected upon the media by Ranil Wicremasinghe’s henchman, G.L. Peiris (GLP) and the aging/ailing TTT’s mass-extermination/ethnic cleansing theoretician, Anton Balasingham.

Looking beyond the hoola & the dance on this opening day performed by these master veterans at this game, what got my goat was the blatant hypocrisy uttered by our brain-dead scholar GLP!

Right in his opening speech, GLP trumpeted that TTT can have an "ample degree of devolution". "But these reforms must necessarily be effected within the framework of a state, whose unity and territorial integrity is ensured." Bravo GLP! My good man, I am sorry I misunderstood you! Wow, you are the saviour of Hela-Diva after all!


GLP READ MY LIPS…WHO ARE YOU TRYING TO DECEIVE? YOUR HYPOCRISY MAKES MY HAIR STAND ON ITS END! Are you, and the deceitful but lame-duck RanilW, not through with deceiving the Sinhalas?

GLP, how in the world can you speak of “territorial integrity” of Sri Lanka since that is exactly what you and your gang of imbeciles mutilated and bastardized since coming into power and signing the so called MOU with the TTT? Today, the TTT are virtually running a separate state in the NE of the Island with their own “police force” “court system” “banking” and “tax collection system.” The TTT are today running these institutions totally outside of the constitutional framework of Sri Lanka and hence today we practically have two sovereign nations within the Island of Sri Lanka.

Additionally, the TTT, specifically the Sea Tigers – the TTT sea-borne suicide killers - have free reign in the NE coast to ply their armed-to-the-teeth gun-boats transporting weapons and TTT cadre and your regime has asked the SL Navy to step back and allow the TTT to do as they please! Yes, when the Sea Tigers carry out “live fire exercises” utilizing these highly armoured gunboats (most mounted with guns with substantially higher fire-power than what the SL Navy possess!) the SL Navy have to vacate the area like a servile puppy-dog as per your regime’s instruction! As well, it is now reported that aircraft belonging to the TTT are also flying in/out of Sri Lanka’s airspace without authorization from your regime. Then again, your regime does not need to authorize such as you have virtually handed over the NE jurisdiction, evidently now including the airspace, to the TTT.

Therefore, naturally, you and the others need time to gradually officiate this unofficially existing eelam separate state (so as not to cause a panic in the South of Sri Lanka) as well as to deceive India (which has vowed to never allow a sovereign Tamil state and categorically, not one headed by the TTT murder-king who is wanted for Rajiv Ghandi’s assassination). Therefore, all parties to this nefarious exercise in Thailand viz. the TTT, their long time friend the Norwegians, and the pathetic Government of Sri Lanka have already claimed that these “negotiations” will be a long drawn out process and that success will not be achieved for “many years.” Wow!

Yes, one just has to be patient to taste the witches-brew!

“Territorial Integrity” indeed!





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