Presidential Assertions The Only Options Towards Preserving The Sinhala Nation

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There is a nagging question in the minds of many analysts as the flawed Peace Process has passed its interim phase in Thailand which is " Will the President who is Chief Executive Officer and Commander in Chief of the Nation's Defences and hence its Security Forces have the presence of mind to ursurp the Government and topple it using her authority with the full backing of the Armed Forces? After all the UNF Administration appears to have made a grave error in sidelining the President who is not even represented in the Peace Talks which makes them categorically illegal.Could the ringleaders of the Peace process then be rounded up apprehended and tried for treason and constitutional violations as it not only involves the betrayal of the Nation to its enemies but also entails contempt and disrespect to Presidential Authority? A point to ponder upon! and something which may be a dilemma to Ranil Wickremasinghe down the road with his derring -do mentality! camouflaged by an inane grin to match nothwithstanding his legal acumen.

There are some who have gone as far as suggesting a Coup d'Etat where the administrators of the present UNF Coalition could be found guilty of treasonous behaviour and over exercising their authority in attempting to override the President and showing scant respect to her advice that the Peace Process is overly conciliatory to the rapacious demands of the LTTE and that concessions should only be made once it is officially established that the LTTE have agreed to denounce their objectives towards A Separate State and De-Commission their weapons.

Presently the Wickremasinghe Administration is not only making a hash of what is Constitutionally laid down for a Sovereign Sri Lanka, through its ridiculous bending over backwards to the LTTE in dabbling with the dangerous moves involving Interim Administrations in the North and North East and in paying homage to a nefarious bunch of terrorists and using the moronic logic of self imposed peace makers partitioned by the combined wit of Prof. G'L Peiris and the 'Doctored' Anton Balasingham who have the affront to show their smug countenances of pretended serenity in public when all they have to support themselves are their dubious track records, one which betrayed a previous regime which provided him with an overdose of respect and authority which he rankly misused to gain the clout he has with the UNP today and the other who in collaboration with his equally notorious spouse indulged in murder through misguided combat training procedures for women and disrupted the innocent lives of many. It hardly need also to be mentioned that the UNF Peace Process is an insult and a show of disrespect to the lost lives of over 20,000 dedicated patriotic sond and daughters of the Armed Forces whose ultimate sacrifice was made towards the preservation of the unitarity of Sri Lanka who must never have died in vain!!

The surmising of Professor Hudson Mclean who has not minced his esteemed words corroborates by saying quote "Allowing the TTT / LTTE planes to enter and depart Sri Lankan territory as they please, is a gross violation of Sri Lankan territorial integrity, permitted by the Government of Sri Lanka, now a party to allow such blatant violations. No country in the world would tolerate an illegal terrorist organisation which has over a twenty year period, had massacred innocent men, women and children, to behave in an autocratic manner with authoritarian independence, which RanilW has granted to Tamil Tiger Terrorists TTT " end quote. Truer words have never been expressed on behalf of a Sovereign Democracy and words which must be heeded with a strike force rapidity which probably lies in the hands of the President and her military supportives.

Mercifully the cessation of hostilities though not completely abated has held thus far with the only deterrent being US Joint Policy on terrorism in conjunction with the Coalition Against International Terrorism after Sept. 11th and their global warning to any form of terrorism in any corner of the world that it would never be tolerated and not due to the projected belief that the UNF's posturing towards peace had much to do with it although within the country there has come about an almost coincidental aura of calm and tranquility for the present with the usual opportunists too running amok.

As surely as the sun rises and sets, the LTTE know as a cold chilling fact that they would be commiting virtual suicide if they ever commenced any attrocities within Sri Lanka which would bring on the concerted wrath of the Bush Administration and its allies and have decided to toe the line of peace although their veiled inflections towards their objectives pretentious in essence yet a trifle indelible as far as the truth is concerned.

What Was It Someone Said !About The Leopard's Spots Being Unchangeable Nor The Tiger Its Stripes ?

The Screws around the real objectives of the LTTE could be further tightened if the President stepped in with her authority and took control of operations casting aside her trepidations that it might be a bad move for the Nations future but Hobson's Choice if she considered the real implications of the Peace Process in its presently defined form and the ramifications it could have on the Sinhala Nation and Sinhala Race looking very much like an endangered species!! which might be in danger of total elimination.One which has stood for well over 2000 years!






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