An Optimistic Pakistani Says"Its Time To Learn!" So Heres a Reply From A Son Of Lanka

Gemunu Kumara, Saman Uyana, Vijithapura for LankaWeb

So you are an optimistic Pakistani and comparing one of your neighbours who has instigated a Development Plan bringing more positive news coverage to the Region than any action by India and Pakistan combined as you care to put it, but has it ever ocurred to you that this coverage you are refering to may anount to nothing but conjecture and cheap sensationalism as interpreted and flavoured by the Media which covers it? And a coverage of propaganda instigated for the purpose of misleading the general public through the same individual's Family Owned News Media and its combined voicings with the other subversive terrorist supportive clandestine media intended specifically to broadcast innuendos and fabrications which the likes of you gobble up in the manner of hungry turkeys! Yes of course you are refering to Sri Lanka (Or is it by some accidental chance the Maldives?)

The analogies being drawn by you as existing between Pakistan and Sri Lanka have no real common factor relative to the root cause of the problem as Pakistan is a self imposed dictatorship fighting ,what is termed corrupt totalitarianism in the guise of Democracy as well as the cross border conflict with India caught up in religious fanaticism whereas Sri Lanka has been involved in an internal armed insurrection with ruthless terrorists trying to upsurge a Sovereign Democratic Republic. Perhaps greed corruption and hunger for power in the general region maybe somewhat applicable as analogies between the two respective leaders of the Nations to a degree of accuracy gleaning from some of the excerpts of your sentiments.

Pakistan may be trying to establish its military might by way of Ballistic Missile Capability while posing a threat to the entire region but the concept described by you that "Sri Lanka has decided to invest in peace literally" is not a true norm of definition as it does not incorporate the will of the entire Nation and to the contrary is a misconception as the real truth has been analytically interpreted as a conspiracy between the present Prime Minister and the Terrorist Leadership devised purely for personal gain at the expense of the future of the Nation's Sovereignity. A mere ploy to ensure the continuity of his ruling coalition while hoodwinking not only the Nation at large but parts of the world too in the process of his devious manipulations which you have so grossly misinterpreted.

The Political Stability being sought after by the individual you so adulate, Ranil Wickremasinghe is something his peers have de-stabilized over decades through mismanagement and the removal of armed conflict as refered to by you, possibly another contributing factor towards further de- stabilization as the removal thus far has been only applicable to the Parameters of the Security Forces who have been distanced frighteningly from their bounden duty to guard the Nation while the terrorists continue in gay abandon to fortify their resources and attempt to strengthen their reserves militarily and territorially.

Pakistan's leadership despite its stand on Nuclear Capability and other internal issues which would take time to resolve on the other hand has contributed towards a great stabilization of Pakistan in recent times and wrested it away from feuding war lords and greedy politicians and thrown in its support towards the war against International Terrorism by pledging alliance to the USA and its coalition which rather unfortunately the Wickremasinghe Administration of Sri Lanka cannot boast about as they have chosen to collude with the terrorist entity now serching for a respite to their past attrocities and crimes against humanity.

With regret one must disillusion your definition of the attributes of Sri Lanka through its Prime Minister as regardless of the indelible smile on the individual's countenance there lies a deeper intent within the man's posturings which do not augur well for his Sinhala Nation.His connivances with the enemy in the guise of its best intent for the Nation has been laid bare beyond reasonable doubt and all the norms which govern internationally the approach towards dealing with terrorism. In fact he has taken up the attitude of "If You Can't Lick 'em then Join 'em! whereas The Hon. Mr Musharraf of Pakistan regardless of his defined status has never once flinched on how he would deal with subverdives or never danced to the tune of the enemy So Mr. Haque you probably need to reconsider your philosopy on the merits of the Sri Lankan Prime Minister while being proud of your own President who is a man of honor.

No benchmark has been set other than one which appears to be the first instance that a Majority Within a Nation Faces The Possibility Of Being Succesfully Subjugated By A Minority Group Of Proscribed Terrorists! in the annals of Global History. If peace could be acheived and a beleaguered Nation's deveopment furthered through the compromising of principles relative to the Sovereignity and Terrirorial Integrity of a Nation then according to your vision the present Sri Lankan Prime Minister just might make the Guiness Book of Records.


Time to learn
By Zeeshan Haque, UK (LankaWeb - 16/10/02)





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