Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, The Indian Administration, And The LTTE Laughs?

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To add insult to injury already caused to both Sri Lanka and India through generations of strife and terrorist attrocities the LTTE have now targetted Dr. Subramaniam Swamy, Leader of the Indian Janatha Party calling him a clown and ridiculing him for opinions expressed towards safeguarding India from being further infiltrated by the dangers of broadbased terrorism. He has recommended in astute wisdom that no LTTE personnel with specific reference to Anton Balasingham should be permitted to set foot on Indian Soil based on the threat they pose to India's security, a call which has been taken up by The Government of Tamil Nadu and given a resounding nod by the Vajpayee Administration which wants no part of phony peace deals with a terrorist group despite their being championed by a near sighted Sri Lankan Administration and pumped up by the financially motivated Norway who needs to clean up its own backyard first .

Dr. Swamy has further stated that it would be in accordance with International as well Indian Statutes to arrest and impound LTTE cadre in the event of their attempts to enter India with Balasingham in particular and that there can be no speculating about the consequences of permitting their entry into India based upon their track record of terror and crimes aginst humanity. India has also stated unequivocally that it would interpret Sri Lanka's present supportive stand towards negotiating with the LTTE and any empathy towards tolerating them as a hostile act which would jeapordize and threaten Regional Security, a statement Sri Lanka can ill afford to cast aside as India's Friendship and Support has been Imperative towards the Territorial Integrity and Well Being of Sri Lanka for generations and hardly worth a gamble for the luckless bunch of miscreants the LTTE really are.

The LTTE have little or no right to acrimonious name calling nor the right to ridicule a highly respected Leader of International Recognition of the calibre of Dr. Swamy, a high intellectual of academic and humanitarian accomplishments speaking on behalf of his country's Government and Community. The LTTE appear to have been carried away on a wave of good fortune presented to them with no 'Sine Qua Nons' with regard to their terrorist status by a very nearsighted Sri Lankan Prime Minister and the presently ruling party who seem to rely upon their speculative ventures towards a false peace while ignoring the warnings of Nations such as India who firmly believe in the specifics of the track records of the LTTE rather than the now apparently financially motivated wooings of Sri Lanka by Norway probably looking at a high price tag for their services whose projections towards peace seem dubious to say the least!.

The Statements made by Dr. Swamy undoubtedly coincide with the motion of bringing to justice all terrorists ( regardless of their figurative self- imposed definitions of being freedom fighters) which has been set in proper perspective by the International Alliance Against Terrorism and most importantly refers to the toll which LTTE infamy and attrocities have taken on India per se! having lost a President and countless IPKF personnel and there is much speculation about the LTTE's likely connection with the recent Indian Parliament Attacks involving suicide bombers and Kashmiri Militants.

References to Dr. Swamy being clownish and laughable has not been well taken by the International Community either and it is the LTTE who need to be laughed at in amazement for their ambiguity, brash arrogance and false pretenses in their contention that decades of vicious attrocities commited against the State of Sri Lanka and Her Citizens would be overlooked in their being granted pardon through the present Peace Initiative.

There is a wise old proverb which says "He Laughs Best, Who Laughs Last" and the Long Arm Of The Law may just have the last laugh in bringing to book the LTTE for their Crimes Agaist Humanity which appear to be the realistic priority Dr. Swamy, together with the Indian Administration is trying to point out, which is no laughing matter!!.


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