By Prof: Hudson McLean

When I suggested that Trincomalee should be handed over on a long lease to India, USA, Russia - Some laughed.

OIL TANKS FARM - LEASE TEN TO INDIA! -Offer the rest by International Tender.-By Prof. Hudson Mclean (The LankaWeb-04/04/02)
Please refer to-;
MARSHALL PLAN FOR JAFFNA HAS STARTED!-By Prof. Hudson Mclean(The LankaWeb- 18/03/02)
Then a contributor responded-; Is Sri Lanka For Sale? -(The LankaWeb-11/04/02)

Sri Lanka is definitely Not For Sale!

A week prior to the historic Press Conference of the Supreme Leader of a theoretical Tamil Eelam, when Honourable (should there be a "Right" preceding Hon: or not?) Velupillai Prabakaran made an absolute mince meat out of a cattle drive, a great opportunity, in front of the world press, I asked the following........

Who or What Is The REAL Motivator Behind The LTTE?- by Prof: Hudson McLean (The LankaWeb-04/04/02)

I received over a dozen emails, from readers saying that VP is THE Power as well as The Power Behind The Throne!

A terrorist, acclaimed as a top military strategist, could not get his words out of his mouth. Perhaps, his orders to the suicide brigade are disbursed by faxes, emails and smoke signals.

Then even the Nordic Monitors observed that the LTTE violated the terms of MoU by interfering with public transport. There was not a whimper from Ranil W.

When the Muslim leaders demanded and got a positive response from VP, an even an apology from Dr. Anton "Brains" Balasingham, did the Sinhala leaders speak out on behalf of the displaced Sinhala community?

Not a whimper from either the UNF or the PA!

Is this a sell out, simply to hang on to power?

Then I thought a gentle hint might help.

RANIL W. STAND UP AND BE COUNTED! YOUR ONE AND ONLY CHANCE.- By Prof: Hudson McLean (The LankaWeb-16/04/02)

Today Her Excellency, Ms Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumaratunge, The President of Sri Lanka woke up and says,

Chandrika warns Ranil against flirting with LTTE
Sri Lankan President Chandrika Kumaratunga wants the government to make sure that negotiations with the LTTE are linked to a timeframe and held in a constructive and useful manner. "The government must negotiate hard with the LTTE rather than flirting with them," presidential spokesman Harim Peiris told a news conference on Wednesday. He hinted that Kumaratunga would not crush government efforts to lift the ban on the LTTE saying she would not be dogmatic about it, despite her belief that de-proscription should not be a pre-condition to talks. Peiris, however, said that de-proscription would have to be linked to a definite timeframe and must also ensure human rights guarantees by the LTTE.-Full Story- (The Times of India-18/04/02)

One day in the not so distant future, whether the weather is brightened with Sun, Sea and Sex or just another cloudy full moon night, drenched with a thunderous South West monsoon shower, Sri Lankan history might read-;

When the poor Sinhala hath cried, Ranil slept;
Ambition should be made of sterner stuff.

(Adapted from Julius Ceaser - Willian Shakespeare)

and, the epitaph beneath his portrait as a Prime Minister (twice), might read-;

The Portrait of a blinking idiot.
(From Merchant of Venice - William Shakespeare)

I repeat, The most sensible solution is NOT Military, NOT Diplomatic, BUT Commercial. Let the governments who are interested in Peace in the Asian Subcontinent, Put Their Money Where Their Mouth Is!

Get them to invest in the NE. Lease the Trincomalee harbour. Call the Singapore Economic Development Board and Lease out a few patches on a nominal rental, but specifically to labour intensive industries. Wait for the results. And laugh all the way to the bank. And in Peace!

And to those who try to get hold of the tale at the tail end, and laugh before even the joke has even started, please remember-;

One Who Laughs Last, Laughs Last!

May I humbly suggest, as a non citizen, to all those who love this beautiful Island of Sri Lanka, whether you are Sinhala, Tamil, Muslim, Burgher, Rich or Poor, or simply a tourist-;

Please do focus, jointly, together, on one important factor today - "Save Sri Lanka as a Sovereign State, undivided, without borders, for all to enjoy, this great little Paradise Under the Sun, for generations to come!"


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