Press Briefing Of Prof G.L Peiris Based Upon Fantasy and Conjecture.

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Contrary to the fantasizing of the Obnoxious Prof. G.L Peiris who has in his usual style made his own incongruous conclusions about the pros and cons of Elections and electioneering, and the ease with wich the UNF could obtain a Two Third Majority amongst other matters beyond his comprehension despite his learned status, "Opting for a General Election does not automatically grant the unfolding of an election as an eventuality as though it is a wish granted by a magical genie in a bottle! There is a Constitution set in place for the purpose in case he has forgotten and the sole authority for the purpose being the President of Sri Lanka!

The pompousness with which he speaks about political stability in the country fully circumvents his principles towards the same objectives during his tenure with the PA which he ungraciously deserted at a time of need and he should in reality evaluate the logic of his blatant pontification about issues which to him appear trivial as much as drawing a rabbit out of a hat in the manner of an accomplished magician whereas there are set norms, principles and ethics he has violated in the past although now trying to preach the attributes of, relative to a General Election whose proper functioning he does not even seem to quite understand as far its functionabilities are concerned and who's calling the shots for it.

"The Government is determined to do everything in its power to achieve political stability which is crucial for any government and especially for the ongoing peace process." he says while bypassing the core issues also ignored by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe towards the Nations Integrity and Security as peace in his concept and that of the Prime Minister appears to be a handing over the Sinhala Nation's vulnerabilities to the demands of the LTTE on a platter, palavering to the notorious Anton Balasingham and his spouse in laying out the Red Carpet and a military escorted helicopter at the very airport which Balasingham' and the Wanni Shrouded Parabhakaran's LTTE very nearly destroyed and making a mockery of the Nations Right to its Sovereignity and Integrity using the Flawed Peace Process as an excuse to assert their own securities.

The Supreme Court in having ruled out any possibility of amending the Constitution towards restricting Presidential Power has decreed that a Referendum would be required for such an amendment and has also snuffed out the ridiculous concept of conscience votes within opposition ranks leaving the UNF and Peiris in a quandry about their next move.In response the possibility of a referendum has been hastily vetoed by the Government which is also an indication that there is a degree of uncertainty now prevailing in the UNF Camp about the voting public and the related insecurities of the UNF should another Referendum be held which might be applicable in the event of a snap election also!

Prof.Peiris has also emphasized rather inaccurately his views about the authority of Parliament to hold a General Election when it is categorically stated in the Amended Constitution that it is the sole right of the President to authorize an Election which the rather befuddled Peiris appears to be confused about and a decision the President has stated will not be taken until the credibilities and bonafides of the Peace Process have been established beyond reasonable doubt.In Peiris' words it has been stated that "the President does not enjoy the privilege of dissolving Parliament and Calling a General Election" making the more perceptive wonder which book he is quoting from? A simple mixup between the definition of "Request" and "Implement" it is assumed where the Government can request and the President can implement or turn down!

There appear to be many contradicitons in Peiris' brief as presented to the media where on one hand he seems to be certain about the jurisdiction which governs the dissolution of Parliament and a subsequent Election and the other hand a quick expression of doubt about the possibilities of Presidential authority and where it would place UNF posturing, its disposition towards continuity and the morals of the Peace Process? in limbo surely! displaying a remarkable shallowness of acumen in an individual normally associated with high intellect. As a pathetic alternative, he has gone on to say that in the event of adversity, coining the phrase "Undemocratic Course of Action By the PA" the UNF would exercise its authority to completely control Public Finances and hinted darkly that it would be a means to counter any Presidential move. A somewhat irresponsible statement hinting at political blackmail it appears which could have reprisals on the UNF in the event of a General Election.

His interpretation of the Mandate handed over to the UNF by the people of Sri Lanka has been recklessly defined as a predilection towards imagined consent to barter the Nations very right to exist and gamble with the lives of its citizens and its real estate which do not belong in any way to Peris nor his UNF associates.

"Freedom to Implement Decisions Detrimental To The Country While Sidelining All Serious Issues Affecting The Lives Its Inhabitants" could not possibly be the mandate Peiris talks about as enjoyed by the Prime Minister as opposed to the President. Furthermore the mandate granted through parliamentary majority just might see a reversal of roles as to who enjoys it in the imminent future.






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