A Sad Disillusionment Of What The Marga Institute Stands For .

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Within the the real enclave of rational Sri Lankans fortunately, attempts to incite and foment religious hatred between any religious factions very soon get snuffed out with a realistic approach to recognition of the simple semantics of co-existence and Mr R.Chandrasoma's profile of the Marga Institute and what it stands for is a gross misrepresentation and a distortion of a concept which its founders never intended to be defined as Anti -Buddhist , being an Organization of International Repute whose primary function for all the years of its existence has been to provide expertise to Developing Nations towards problem solving in areas of development, planning and financial stability through analytical research and expertise which has very little to do with politics.

Unfortunately for Marga the recent references to Buddhist Fundamentalism in the article 'The Role Of The Sangha In The Reconciliation Process "composed by C.R.De Silva and Tessa Bartholomeusz published by Marga convey the erroneous impression that it is the express opinion of the Institute itself whereas factually it is an opinion collectively expressed by the two authors who appear to have digressed from the Norms and High Standards of Marga in expressing personal opinions for which Marga cannot be held responsible if indeed this is the case and clearly outlined in its manifesto which identifies itself as an Non Govermental Organization Non- Aligned to any Political Affiliations.

There have been blatantly irresponsible references to Marga having Pro LTTE Leanings which once again are purely a matter of speculative interpretation based on conjecture and not necessarily the truth at a moment in Sri Lanka's near catastrophic present where such statements do not contribute towards the healing process between all ethnicities nor augur well towards the identification of the author as an impartial scribe who appears to be hell bent on creating public bias against Marga regardless of his high flown literary stylistics and classical analysis of the Buddhist Clergy relative to the role it plays in maintaning the status quo relative to its role in the Administration of Sri Lanka which has never been disputed by the Christian Church regardles of the negative dialogue presented.

Based upon statistics, all religious factions and entities within Sri Lanka have been accused of Fundamentalism at some stage or the other of the Island's History ,and in the not too distant past and as recently as 1983 in reality the tumultuous uprising against the Tamil Community was an upsurge of Sinhala Buddhist led fundamentalism by the very definition of Mr. Chandrasoma's interpretations where the undeniable reality was that they were initiated by the majority Sinhalese where the violence of the 'heretic' was not only permissible but it made true beleivers of misguided masses in the most shameful of manners not in keeping with the precepts of the Civilized World so what is Mr. Chandrasoma talking about?

Christianity of the 'Dark Ages he says was bloody and unrelenting in a true sense of fundamentalism, brooked no opposition and was prepared to deal violently with opposition albeit the historical definition that in the name of Christianity many brutal inquisitions were carried out in a false representation of Christianity in as much as it is in the name of Islam, Shariya, Hinduism and any religion which does not encourage the perpetration of violence and on the contrary denounces it. Man's inhumanity to man Mr. Chandrasoma must realize cannot be excused on any given religion or religious dogma and rests entirely upon the infamous creativity of fundamentalism of the human mind and the sooner the flames of religious incitement (which is the primary content of the presentation) are doused and the Anti-Christ misconception put to rest the better it will be for Sri Lanka's healing process and Image which has shown great tolerance for all Nationalities and Religions for centuries while always being recognized for the categorically important role the Buddhist Clergy plays in its functioning as a predominantly Buddhist Nation.

All religions are above the mayhem of inflicting human suffering in the name of God and neither the Christian parable nor its counterpart in any conceptual religious interpretation remains a parable though somewhat metaphoric in its predilections towards the expression 'Killing In The Name Of God' wrongly coined with Islam and an adage and a wassail created by secular groups of miscreants in the name of religion, never a slogan laid down in any religious order.

The insinuations implicating the intentions of Christianity as evil and vile in its denouncement in opposition to the authoritative role played by the Maha Sangha is a frightening reality for the Christian population in Sri lanka who have co-existed alongside the majority Buddhists of the Nation in harmony and is cruel compensation for the love and compassion generated by Christianity analogous to its global identity and a seeming contravention of the constitutional right of Sri Lankan Christians to practise their faith in Sri Lanka and displays an unnecessary paranoia on the part of the author whose apprehensions seem totally unfounded relative to the state of the Christian Church within Sri Lanka by way of the simplest of wrongful interpretations of a lucidly written article rich in its metaphoric content and while the respective writers of the article in question must undoubtely be admonished, there is also the need to recognize the Marga Institute for what it really stands for by virtue of its function and afiliations, an Organization For Research and Development Studies of Problems In Third World Nations and not a de facto representation of a Bi -Partisan Christian Church with Pro LTTE leanings as implied.


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