Don Juan Ranil admits LTTE arms smuggling, and shamelessly praises the terrorists.


Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe who is not recognised as the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka by the hard headed terrorist group LTTE, in an interview with the Time Magazine, has admitted arms smuggling still being carried out by the terrorists.

When the Time correspondent Mr. Alex Perry pointed out that as per their information gathering arms smuggling network of the LTTE is stilling running as usual, Mr. Wickremasinghe has disclosed that this matter does not surprise him and he too has received intelligence reports on the functioning of the terrorists arms smuggling network.

He has also termed it as a natural thing at this stage and expressed the stupid belief that if there will be any clashes it will only be confined to the sea.

Despite admittance of the aforementioned blatant violation of the terms of his sellout agreement, he has showered full of praise and adulation of the terrorist group and its megalomaniac leader.

Admiring the terrorist leader, who was solely responsible for desecrating Buddhist and other religious places of worship, murdering of a President, a foreign Prime Minister, several Ministers, Parliamentarians and Politicians including those from the Tamil community, hundreds of Buddhist monks, thousands of innocent unarmed civilians including women and children, and destroying prominent government buildings etc., he has said that Prabhakaran handled his press conference well and wants to distance himself from the past.

He has defended the ruthless terrorist group that caused unpardonable and horrendous destruction to Sri Lankan life and property as a group that went on record at the very beginning condemning the September 11 attacks.

Was this a servile attempt to whitewash the terrorist image from the American public opinion as the Time Magazine is particularly catering to the American public and the terrorist group is on an intensive image building exercise to get its terrorist label removed?

He has described Prabhakaran's wearing of safari suits and being photographed with his wife as a sign of preparing for a new role. Absurd interpretation. Can the moment one wears different attire make him a different man! In a complimentary note to his machan Prabhakaran he has said that in four years the LTTE was turned into a conventional fighting force and it will not be difficult to restructure it as a political organisation.

Distorting the historical facts that twice the terrorists faced complete annihilation, and J.R.Jayawardene and Premadasa helped them overcome these defeats, the former under duress and the latter under deception, he has said that only once in the history, that was 500 years ago, an army has traveled through the jungles of Wanni.

This shows that his thinking is five centuries behind and he is not aware that modern military techniques do not need an army to travel through a particular territory to destroy an enemy force.


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