Terrorists raise the demand for 2/3 of Sri Lanka's sea territory.


Recent events in the Northern and Eastern provinces amply demonstrated the fallacy, deficiency, and obsolete nature of the sellout MOU coerced by the neo-colonialist Norway for Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe to sign. The same neo-colonialists aided and supported by the double-tongued vested interests in the West, NGO sycophants and the reactionary treacherous peace flunkies compel and pressurise the government to fully enforce and implement the terms and conditions of the said archaic document whilst allowing the perpetrators of destruction and enemies of peace and harmony to violate each and every clause unimpeded.

Installation of a racist, fascist, autocratic regime in the Northern and Eastern Provinces and extend it eventually to engulf the hill country and Sabaragamuwa region under the dictatorship of the world's most ruthless terrorist is being systematically carried out unopposed and with the shameless support and benediction of the Western evangelists and the gang of traitors. Removal of Sri Lankan forces from the Northern and Eastern provinces and imposing direct and indirect hardships for non-Tamils to live in these two provinces and thereby drive them to other areas are two main pillars in the terrorist strategy to vest control of these two provinces. The annual speeches made by the megalamaniac terrorist leader has repeatedly emphasised and castigated the Sri Lankan forces as a FOREIGN enemy force occupying the Tamil nation and the need to liberate the territory they claim from the foreign enemy force and non-Tamil occupants.

The unendurable taxation, extortion, abduction for ransom, confiscation of property directed at non-Tamils and the recent violence unleashed against the Muslims are efforts to frighten the non-Tamil population and force them to seek shelter in areas outside the two provinces. It is tragic to note that the Defence Minister Mr. Marapane in response to the Opposition demand for a government statement on the violence in the East has parroted the same statements made by the terrorists and exonerated them from the grave crime and vandalism they committed by killing ten Muslims and destroying millions worth of property belonging to Muslims. This is not the first time that he has openly backed the terrorists and absolved them from their crimes.

The shameless government which the terrorists refer to as the Colombo government, implying it is not their government and they are in a different territory, had continued to grant each and every demand made by the terrorists imposing much burden on the ordinary masses trying to hoodwink the people as they are confidence building measures in the peace process (piece process?) . The latest demand is the claim to the sea territory of the two provinces. Thamilchelvam, who in a recent interview with "Divayina" proudly claimed that he is not a Sri Lankan and through whom the mute terrorist leader expresses his demands and pronouncement, had met the Head of the Monitoring Mission and demanded that Sri Lankan navy should confine themselves to ten miles from the shore and should not interfere in the movement of fishing or sea tiger vessels operating in their territory. He reportedly have pointed out that the so-called MOU recognises the existence of two forces in the territory and hence the Sri Lankan Navy should act responsibly without trying to interfere in their operations. He has claimed that the recent abduction of persons belonging to the Monitoring Mission occurred due to invasion of their sea territory by the Sri Lankan navy.

We have lost forever most of the land area in the two provinces due to the impotent government's treacherous collaboration with the terrorists, and we are now en-route to abdicate two third of the sea territory of this nation. Is it worthwhile to let this impotent treacherous government prevail and without any self-respect allow the terrorists to rein supreme?


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