S.B.Dissanayake Has Taken Too Many Liberties In Attacking The President And Needs To Be Made Aware Of It.

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The former Presidential aide S.B.Disssanayake in a most shameful outburst against the President has shown himself in his true colours and someone that got away from being incarcerated for his own excesses during his tenure as a former PA Cabinet Member, someone who needs to be taken to task and exposed for his blatant dim wittedness being an individual full of ambiguity and double standards and someone who owes his very political existence to the Madame President whom he has now chosen to berate disgustingly .

Being one of the protagonists who constantly leads the charge that the President could never be trusted and the power in her hand to dissolve Parliament should be removed (wishful thinking on his part!) he should take a closer look at himself and wonder whether his pernicious and salacious remarks against the most powerful figure in the Sri Lankan Administrative Hierarchy should go untended and unheeded as these remarks against the Chief Executive Officer of the Nation could have dangerous repercussions for himself as they are punishable within the jurisdiction of the Presidency and it would be very appropriate in the eyes of many analysts should the President initiate punitive action against him within her statutes and those of the Presidency.

To have been bold enough to make public statements to the effect that the President had used Pro-Sinhala Buddhist Slogans during her past election campaign which were adverse towards a viable solution to the country's ethnic problem hence making her an 'unreliable' person sound like a load of rubbish which could only have been expressed by an ignoramus such as Dissanayake who even has the nerve to admit his pro- Communist leanings and quote exerpts from the infamous former Soviet Dictator Lenin under whom millions suffered and died. Lenin is so hated by the present Russian People that his statue was dragged down from The Red Square in Moscow and destroyed publicly after the fall of the Soviet Union and smashed to smithereens!.

Having sought sanctuary within the confines of the UNP and UNF, Dissanayake should be content to maintain a stiff upperlip rather than indulge in the foolish verbosity which may expose him as the one who needs careful scrutiny and investigating and probably booted from office as he is not only a thorn in the flesh of the President but an embarrasment also to the Wickremasinghe Administration already stumbling in its decision making which is more than likely to cause mass confusion within Sri Lanka if it persists in the direction it is presently moving in and provide a smokescreen for the LTTE to manouvre themselves into attack mode if they aren't in it already!.
So what is this 'Commie' doing within the confines of a right wing Capitalist Government ? Something totally un-characteristic and unprecedented in Sri Lankan political history. Being the most controversial of cabinet ministers with his dubious track record (mind you there are others!) of the Ranil Wickremesinghe Administration, he openly proclaims his faith in Leninist Political Dogma for the solution of what he called 'the ethnic problem of the country' whatever the interpretation of that idealogy may be and needs clarification but certainly the Sinhala Buddhist Majority which comprises of the greater proportion of the Nation's inhabitants seem to be asking rather incredulously whether Dissanayakes assertions about alleged Presidential wrongdoings incorporates her patriotic stand in carrying out her responsibilities towards the Sinhala Nation of Majority Buddhists including the Maha Sangha and if so who the wronged pary would then be? Velupillai Prabhakaran and his cronies including the self styled Dr. Anton Balasingham?.

In a pathetic mish mash of verbal hankering! some of it to the Sinhala Broadcast of the BBC which has lately been humorously described as the Biased Broadcasting Corporation!Dissanayake's ludicrous comments went on to entail some distant sounding idealogy about the dogma of Lenin relative to ethnicity in which he firmly believed and probably might have even confounded Einstein in as far as interpretations go in a logical sense and apparently in his words went beyond those of Ranil Wickremesinghe, LTTE leader Velupillai Prabhakaran and all others in the solution of the "ethnic problem" facing the country today. He did not describe what they were and neither did he indicate any preparedness to market it in an assimilable form in the near future. Its Arriere Pensee somehow seems indecipherable and incomprehensible nonetheless and undermines and insults the intellectual vision and dignity of somone held in high esteem globally, the President of Sri Lanka !!

S.B.Dissanayaka needs to be informed for his personal well being that the assurances given by President Chandrika Kumaratunga to the Nation that she would never betray the country to Prabhakaran are legitimate assurances against an internationally recognized megalomaniac.Presidential assuarances that she will quote "Never Allow The Division Of Sri Lanka" and Never Give Into The Objectives Of Eelam have never been more righteous sounding assurances to the Sinhala Nation although described as being contemptible pro-Sinhala Buddhist slogans which only a traditional Sinhala Buddhist politician would use to take advantage of a situation to grab power in Dissanayake's words and has opportunism written all over Dissanayake's cheap expressionism as the songs he used to sing within the PA Camp were of a slightly different tune which he seems to have forgotten. Accusations about the President using her high office to better her business ventures also seem more appropriate when applied to Dissanayakes own surreptitious business ventures which somehow managed to escape scrutiny and the mansion he erected in Hanguranketha stands as a testimony to his financial excesses and it was never recorded that he won the national lottery!

Dissanayake's denigration of the President, her brother Anura , the Leaderships of the Sihala Urumaya and the JVP respectively can only be interpreted as a vicious attack on democracy and an attempt on his part to cover his own rear end which needs the real lambasting as he has seemingly joined hands with the Administration's more nefarious, hell bent on betraying the Sinhala Nation to a dastardly group of terrorists who seem to be hiding behind an unholy benevolence meted to them by an undiscerning visionless UNF leader! In the simplest of terms Dissanayake either needs political rehabilitation or to be muffled for his own sake.





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