The Balasingham - Solheim Liars Brigade And Other Relevant Aspects Of The Peace Process

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The Balasingham - Solheim 'LIAR'S BRIGADE' ARE AS USUAL UPTO THEIR PARTICULAR BRAND OF TRICKS INTENDED TO FOOL THE GULLIBLE! and displaying an all too familiar part of their modus operandi in saying to the media that " India is supporting the LTTE peace process: A BLANATLY MISREPRESENTED INNUENDO. India has never said anything about supporting an LTTE Peace Process and to prove the Indian Government's stand on its views on the topic has in custody the notorious Vaiko for his support of the LTTE and the statements he has made to that effect and also vowing to bring all participants and supportives of the assasisination of Rajive Gandhi to justice! Balasingham had better PUT UP OR SHUT UP AND NOT GET TOO CARRIED AWAY THROUGH BEING TOLERATED AS A NECESSARY EVIL by the all too naive Sri Lankan Government and the Thai Organisers of the Peace Venue!

India may be ''fully backing'' the concept of peace within the region on a long term projection relative to the stability of all of Asia which would harly entails concessions to the LTTE as granted by the Sri Lankan Government which many see as dangerous, foolhardy and one sided, the President of Sri Lanka and India Included.In particular Tamil Nadu, being well represented on the issue by Cabinet Minister the Hon. Jayalalitha who has other ideas as well as great reservations about the legitimacy of the LTTE and its leadership and someone who strongly believes that the LTTE per se needs to be made defunct in the best interests of the entire region.There needs no guessing also to conclude the the Congress Party of India would endorse the concept also

It is an apathetic irony that 'wolves in sheeps' clothing such as the Balasinghams and Eric Solheim the near degenerate Norwegian Playboy amongst others are permitted to gamble with the future of a Nation such as Sri Lanka ( for the lack of better recognized real world leaders ? ) who now go about drawing their own conclusions which have but a mere semblance of the truth aligned to what is really taking place.The Sinhala Nation is gradually beginning to realise that the Peace Process is indeed a sell out to LTTE demands of autonomy in the guise of a withdrawn call to Eelam and contrary to the publicity of Balasingham India has no part in it.It is common knowledge and refutable.

The Indian Government very patiently languishes in the hope that the Balasinghams as well as the Prabhakarans will eventually be brought to justice for their part in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination as well as other crimes against humanity.The Australian Government has gone a step further in banishing Adele Balasingham from the land of her birth and nothing further needs to be said about the benevolence of such individuals or India ever recognising them or the infamous LTTE for their criminal past although countries such as Thailand and Sri Lanka and even the UK to a degree continues to pay homage to them rather than apprehend them to be handed over to the Indian authorities through Interpol.

Perhaps the past track record of the LTTE may have instilled a degree of trepidation in the minds of Asian Leaders who would rather see a lasting peace and never a military conflagration ever again in the event of a deadlock on the Peace Process between the Sri Lankan Government and the LTTE but they rest fully assured that should the LTTE be foolish enough to even consider returning to arms there is also the spectre of the USA looming on the horizon ready to turn their sights on them in their all out drive against International Terrorism as all it needs is a mopping up operation contrary to still some of the veiled threats still being uttered by certain LTTE supportives about their shammish firepower and India would probably be one of the First Nations to respond to the defence of Sri Lanka.There is also the comforting knowledge of the others who have pleged their support to the cause.

Balasingham is well advised to maintain a low profile and be thankful that he has had a run of luck which has seen him a free individual for a long time although sooner or later that luck could easily run out together with that of his buddy VP.

Peace for Sri Lanka does not mean compromising Her Sovereign and Territorial Integrity which also includes the North and Northeast of Sri Lanka and Neither Does The LTTE including Balasingham (and Prabhakaran) represent all of the Tamil people.One of his better options could be to restructure the Peace Process together with Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe which would positively include disarmament and a de-commissioning of weapons in addition to denouncing Eelam and he has had the affront to say that disarmament is not an option at this stage.





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