By D.Manoharan

For the past fifty years Tamils of Northeast left the majority community to manage their day to day issues and development which has yielded not progress but destruction in Economy, Education, Culture etc. Now it is time to give them a chance to manage their own development and day to day issues. It is being stated by some individuals and media that it has to be decided by Referendum, Southern voters, Parliament etc, why and for what! When suddas left Tamils were the majority in east until they were chased away by the UNP / SLFP Governments.When Sinhala government want to develop Southern province with a marine drive and a port no referendum to ask the Beruwela Muslims or other communities whether to go ahead or not, When Rajarata developed as Buddhist punniya boomi no referendum to ask the Anuradhapura / Kekirava Muslims or other communities whether to go ahead or not.

Then why it is required for north east economy and culture development by Tamils? Suddenly some are concerned about the Northeast Sinhala Muslim communities. The government has taken care of their interest to the level best even during war. Over 15 years economic embargo (on supply of Food, Medicine, Fuel and other essential items) was in place for only for North and East Tamils. Not for Seruwavila Sinhalese in Trinco or Kathankudy Muslims only for Thambalagamam, Palugamam Tamils in East. Embargo is to weaken the Tigers to the extent you are not allowed to take Kandos Chocolate to North east. Because the Child Soldiers eating this gets all the strength to fight the armed forces. Until MOU no chemical developer in Jaffna base hospital to process X ray films which was shown in BBC documentary program during war. The suffering the Tamils in Northeast (not VP and his child soldiers) due to the economic embargo cannot be quantified and the rest of the country voters did nothing about it and no referendum to decide on the embargo on Tamils. Even during peak of Rathu Sahodaraya violence (in late 1980s) no economic embargo was in place for JVP areas in the south.

Interestingly after several years of economic embargo 21st Century Sapumal Kumaraya (Anurudda) declared that 90% of the child soldiers are finished and to finish the rest he started Operation Jaya Sikuru with all the best available resources in armed forces conducted personally and advanced on A9 road about 40 miles over a period of 18 months with record amount of human and military hardware losses.

But finally V.P and his child soldiers (weaken by economic embargo) reversed the entire advance back to square one in 18 days! One thing good about Jayasikuru no innocent Tamils got killed only the Child Soldiers and the party who fought them. I wish the people who are howling in frustration day and night in media with multiple ‘ T’ s , 200 years for VP (Recently a Colombo news paper stated the Judge has taken into account VP’s next couple of births for RI) etc, should have gone to wanni and ensured Jayasikuru with Sapumal Kumaraya. Then they could have ensured the 200 years to VP. Daily Colombo news papers are publishing photographs Child soldiers and Armed forces holding hands with smiles! Disabled Soldiers have gone to meet the disabled child soldiers with gifts! also recently the Disabled soldiers association leader has stated to the press that Armed forces or Tigers have not won the war but Politicians like Sapumal Kumaraya, some other wattes and nayakes along with arms dealers have won the war by making billions of dollars which is a fact.

Now in reality the terrorism is developing in South with the backing of Rathu Sahodarayas (University killing, Transasia Hotel goons thrash, Maligawatte bothiraja pansala chief priest getting thrashed by jihad goons, leading interschool students attack etc) and most of the scribes and media singing stale multiple ‘T’ and ranil rata bedanawa song day and night and I feel people are also fed up of this. Also Hakeem has written a strong protest letter to PM on Eelam Police Station opening in east while chief SLMC east organiser seen participating in the Tiger Police station opening ceremony photograph published in Colombo news papers, Few weeks back Athaulla was making a big issue saying that Tigers have abducted a muslim youth after few days CID investigation revealed that the said youth was playing hide and seek to earn some money to go abroad !

In a recent P.A meeting Kathirayan (Peace talks role player) condemns the peace talks progress next day president assures her fullest commitment for peace talks. Ranil says he is converting Bedunwadies in to Prjathanthrawadies when Anura and JVP Prajathanthrawadies becoming Thrasthawadies ! Every body in Lanka are confused ! Can these inventors of multiple ‘T’s and rata bedanawa media can do some thing constructive to prevent on this rata vinasawenawa ! as the Rata bedanawa has come to a standstill after MOU. Also allow the North east Tamils to develop their economy and rich culture.

Recently a gentle man was commenting on the idea / logic of the Tiger flag. He should understand the fact that Tiger was not taken by VP to represent Tamils in their flags but by the Kings like Sangiliyan of Jaffna , Raja Raja Cholan of Tamil Nadu who lived several hundreds of years ago. Also Tiger is the vahanam of Hindu god Ayyappan as per the Hindu concepts. It is better to read more on the rich Tamil Hindu Culture before any more comments on the Tiger Flag and continue to sing the multiple ‘T’ 200 years song which has no effect on VP and it will remind him the famous Tamil saying that “Dogs barking at the Moon has no effect on the Moon”.


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