Dear Editor,

I came across your very informative web page quite by accident. But by Jove! you are doing an excellent job by exposing the Sri Lankan Tamil Tigers as one of the most vicious terrorist groups of the world to Governments and peoples of the world.

You are opening the eyes of people of other nations to this bunch of frauds (that's what they are to non-Sri Lankans), and criminals and extortionists (which is what they are to innocent expariot Tamils who have fled Jaffna to protect their young ones from their brutal cadres, but still find themselves in their clutches, though they are so far away from Sri Lanka soil they call their home).

To perpetrate heartache, anguish and fear to the majority of these expatriates, there are always that scum of Tamils who are blind followers, the dirt collectors the turd pushers who live off the donations they collect for the Psychopath Leaders such Prabakaran, Anton Balasingham (UK), SP Thamilselvam, V Thangavelu & M Suresh (Canada) and a few in sheep's clothing living here (Australia), who live luxurious and comfortable lives riding on the backs of these many innocent Tamil people.

The eyes of the world are looking down at the Tamil Tiger Terrorists hiding in all parts of the globe. They must be feeling like naked rats in the middle of an oval with all the flood lights blaring on them and with nowhere to go or hide. The ridiculously bold and height-of-cheek demands they are now making, (1) demanding the Sri Lankan Government to treat them as freedom fighters and (2) relating a sob story about Balasingham (my heart bleeds at his bogus kidney condition!) by trying to hoodwink and impose themselves to a safe haven on Indian soil.

I think the whole world is reading through them now. The world knows what they are attempting to do now is to safeguard and hang on to the colossal amounts of money they have collected, from the innocent Tamils and daring underworld activity around the world, which has made a very few, very rich indeed. Their main concern now must also be that they have no place to hide the money and also the innocent Tamil people are fighting back and refusing to make sacrifices in their family budgets just to keep the pockets of these Charlatans and pretenders pockets filled.

Foreigners now know there are about half million Sri Lankan Tamils living in the South and Colombo regions of Sri Lanka rubbing shoulders, working together in offices, taking part in common sports activity, trading side-by-side, etc. So where are these acts of blanket discriminations taking place, the Tigers are trying to deceitfully show.

There are torch bearers for pretenders all over the world. But when the torch bearers manage to hoodwink government authorities to register a letter head with a logo of Sri Lanka depicting a thickly black marked East, North East, North (Jaffna Peninsula) North West and West East the map of Sri Lanka with thickly blackened areas as though saying this is our land and that's how Sri Lanka is going to be divided, then one wonders whether any bribes had been used during the process of registration.

Keep up the good work, keep lobbying foreign governments, and expose the frauds for what they are.

A very Concerned Sri Lankan.


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