Demonstrations In Trincomalee Intolerable To The Sinhala Nation.

Suranimala- The Seeing Eye Of Serendib for LankaWeb

The Hindustan Times by way of P.K.Balachandran has reported that the LTTE in a 50,000 attended Rally has declared Trincomalee the Capital of Eelam and the demand for a Separate Tamil Homeland by the attendees was echoed into the night while the Government of Sri Lanka turned a blind eye in order to placate and maintain the current status quo of the Peace Process.

If there is a semblance of truth to the implications of this report, it certainly corroborates the massive hue and cry by many of the Opposition factions that the Government is indeed playing into the hands of the LTTE and Prabhakaran even in a token manner at this stage and the affront that the LTTE have had to put up such a show of strength is a matter of disgrace and shame to the Sinhala Nation and its entire population where the Government needs to be held responsible for initiating by virtue of its inability to prevent such a demonstration by a bunch of proscribed apathetic terrosists fast becoming an enigma to the Nation and perhaps even a dilemma in the long run.

As the warnings go out to the Wickremasinghe Administration that they are playing with fire which may eventually engulf the entire Nation taking into consideration the rather curious tone of voice from the Plantation Workers and their demanding of Tamil Worker's Rights spearheaded by Thondaman in the Central Region and now this demonstration in the East which appears to be a two pronged push towards real objectives of the LTTE (Eelam) it is about time the Sinhala Majority of the land were given some assurances about what 18% of the population is trying to accomplish? and whether these are signs that they will eventually be subjugated and dictated to by the wills and evils of Prabhakaran?

Sadly there have been no guarrantees of safety for the Sinhala Nation in the very wording of the MoU between the LTTE and the UNF which leads many discerning analysts to believe that events which may be projected in the future will be based purely on the advantages presented to the LTTE unconditionally and will be taken up and utilized in their rapacious manner with cataclysmic ramifications for the rest of the Nation.

The Latest demonstrations in Trincomalee appear to be a clear indication of what might follow if early warning signs are not heeded as a result of what appears to be Administrative Bungling which will never be tolerated by the Majority Sinhala Nation regardless of the UNF's interpretation that they have been given a clear mandate to compromise the Unitary State, Territorial Integriry and National Security. It is hoped that the News Item under reference is a fallacy although the unsurmountable realities and statistics presented therein appear to be more than plausible.


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