Possibly Oslo?
When do they ever learn?

By Prof. Hudson Mclean

Sri Lankan leadership should simply ignore such silly demands. Such demands will invariably turn into slogans. Then into mass demonstrations leading to stone throwing. Then comes the suicide bomber. Then comes the END GAME!

Sorry chaps, Trincomalee is already spoken for. It is going to be a staging post for the American Naval anti-terrorist activity. The Americans are already going over the Oil Tank Farm with a view to decide what to do with its storage functions.

The Northern capital is Jaffna, under the jurisdiction of the Sri Lankan authority. Trinco shall be converted into a regional naval facility administered by the American Navy. Of course, all Sri Lankans may benefit by the dollars the Americans will begin to pour.

With a solid guarantee of peace and stability, other investments will begin to roll in. All citizens, be it Tamils or Sinhala or Muslim will reap the economic kudos. The NW will begin to smile again.

May we remind the abset minded LTTE leadership, that the Capital of Tamil Nationalists is in Tamil Nadu, dear sport.

If the LTTE desires to be a political power, they will have to follow the democratic principles. If they win enough seats in Colombo, they might even be the power at the Colombo Municipal Council. So be it.

LTTE has no right to demand any piece of land or real estate as a natural right. If they win politically at elections, of course the LTTE can run Trincomalee as a City within Sri Lanka sovereignty .

Since the LTTE has ethinically cleansed the NW, they will be in the majority in Trincomalee. Of course since the party in power may be LTTE oriented, the LTTE may call it their City. But not the Capital of Eelam.

It is interesting to hear the Viking side of this game plan. After all, it was Norwegians who are leading the peace plan. That is why I suggested in my earlier article, PEACE. By Piece! Get the drift?

The PM should turn a deaf ear to silly demands of the LTTE Tamils and he should make a visit to Trincomalee as soon as possible and stamp the authority of the Central Government.

And if the other mouth pieces of LTTE make other equally demands verging onto blackmail, they should be brushed off too, naturally.

Sri Lanka must now make bold steps to address such unfair demands. The civilised world is behind Sri Lanka.

Ranil Wickramasinghe did make a bold initiative and made several major sacrifices on the way. He extended a genuine hand of friendship. He simply stopped messing around. He got down to action. He started implementing his promises.

The civilised world recognizes the magnitude of the Sinhala gestures.

When the PM extends his hand, one would expect the other side to accept it gracefully and shake it. Not bite it.

The Sinhala citizens have shown their unselfish civilised patience. The kind Buddhist character. Over the past 3000 years history has repeated itself many a time. The invaders from Tamil Nadu arrived in droves but they were eventually pushed back.

Can one ever tame a Tiger into civility?

If the LTTE Tigers, who are building up their armoury, try to push for unfair demands by force or by terrorism, they will find to their cost, that a few might escape to Oslo whilst the majority will face another catastrophy.

This time, the LTTE will have to face a mighty powerful force led by the American fire power in Trincomalee and financial backfire in USA.

The LTTE leader, who has donned civilian clothes during the recent photocalls, decides to go back to his fatigues, well then, it might soon be "Goodbye Trinco, Hello Oslo!"

Perhaps the Norwegians can save their face and spirit away the Tamil LTTE leadership and spread them thin in Norway.

The entire world is watching the Sri Lankan drama!


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