Peace Farce has driven the country to the point of segregation.


Ignoring all legitimate and expedient demands from the Sinhala and Muslim communities to stop dismantling and removal of army posts in the Northern and Eastern provinces, increase the presence of the forces in the two provinces and provide adequate security to Sinhala and Muslim villages, the Prime Minister Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe, who met the terrorist proxy MPs last Tuesday has assured them that all army posts in the Northern and Eastern provinces located in government buildings and places of worship will be removed before August 2nd.

This indicates his total lack of respect for Sri Lankans other than the Terrorists, and contradiction of his own assurances given to non-Tamil communities. Almost one week ago when a group of Muslims met Mr. Wickremasinghe they were assured that security presence in the provinces especially in the East will be strengthened to prevent another outbreak of clashes. The latest guarantee given to the proxy MPs validate the doubts expressed at that time about his hollow and dubious assurances. In the face of terrorist agitation, and to fulfil the pledge given to the terrorists prior to the election to hand them over the Northern and Eastern provinces, more than two hundred army posts in the two provinces have already been removed endangering the security of the non-Tamil population who form the majority in the Eastern Province.

While Mr. Wickremasinghe and his gang of traitors cage and demoralise the army and help the terrorist leader to achieve his uncompromising goal of flushing out the alien forces occupying the so-called Tamil territory, smuggling of arms and military hardware continue to reach terrorists unhindered. It is reported that the latest addition to their arsenal is some powerful missiles smuggled through India on fishing boats. The sellout MOU has virtually become a draconian document binding the government to provide everything the terrorists demand and exempting the terrorists from all obligations. It has failed to stop the build up of a 10,000 strong terrorist army, implementation of an oppressive and partisan tax structure, setting up of a separate and comprehensive police force, plans to issue Eelam currency through a Eelam Central Bank, setting up of various Departments including an education department, Courts and a judicial system.

Seven months of peace farce has almost segregated the country and time is ripe to cease this mockery before it get legalised and recognised by the outside world, especially by certain western countries under the behest of Norway.


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