The' Mumbo Jumbo' of Messers Peiris And Marapone!!

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The latest consensus by many high profile analysts of the International Community Of Expatriate Sri Lankans as well as similarly qualified spokespersons within the Nation questions the rationale of recent statements made by Defence Minister Marapone as well as Prof. G.L Peiris the former propounding a theory that the new clashes between the Navy and the Sea Tigers have no implications nor relevance with the Peace Process and the Cease Fire and that there is disparity between Military Operations carried out on 'Terra Firma' as opposed to those conducted in Sri Lankan Territorial Waters and that the second mentioned category could be overlooked and waived off. Prof. Peiris has also refered to an "Historic Event About To Take Place Within 48 Hours" details of which are unknown and either a figment of his imagination or another speculative event which may eventually surface after an extended 'Ad Infinitum' courtesy of G.L.Peiris' fiction hopefully with no aftershocks in the real world and that it bears no reference to the LTTE lurking in the shadows!

The naivete of the Defence Minister sticks out like a sore thumb in what he believes to be an acceptable norm where by his interpretation one form of military action has no similarities to another of almost identical form and nature based purely on the surface on which it is engaged in (one on land and the other in the ocean) and typical of some of the 'greenhorn expressions' of the New Administration and its constant attempts to hoodwink the Nation with new fangled innuendos and speculative prognostic dialogue based on very flimsy realities and laughable!

Gone are the days of astute military and administrative wisdom structured on integrity and responsibility and based on the irresponsible mentalities of such individuals, they are better off rescinding their high offices and returning to their previous vocations, one to his high profile legal status and the other to his university professorial duties as ere long Sri Lankan Policy Making is bound to end up being a joke in the discerning eyes and minds of the more serious minded elite policy makers of past military and administrative leadership who guided Sri Lanka admirably and effectively in their respective capacities but then, the likes of Messers Marapone and Peiris cannot be compared to past military and intellectual greats albeit the impressive titles and paper qualifications they carry as their tendencies to bungle seem to be inherant.

What has been placed on the plate of the UNF as far as expectations go towards a resolution of the Nation's woes appears to be far too voluminous for it to handle efficiently judging by the high rhetoric being used as an alternative ploy and an inadequate substitute towards the realities of what it takes towards restoration of normalcy as very little has been accomplished as yet towards securing the Nation or its Economy and as usual the unending promises pour out verbally while the Nation waits and watches 'Ad Infinitum' not knowing whether to expect anarchy or resign themselves to any eventuality trusting in the Almighty.

The latest confrontations between the Navy and the Sea Tigers indeed have dire implications towards the Peace Process and the Ceasefire as it has once again proved the reality of the LTTE's insincerity, cunning and resolve to propagate further their attrocities and continue searching for secession and should knock some sense into dreamers such as Prof. Peiris and Defence Minister Marapone who are a part of a vast ensemble of somnambulists with arms outstretched, sleepwalking and dreaming synonymously that paying homage to the LTTE would be the' final solution' which was also the definion of Hitler's Nazi Holocaust which very nearly saw the near demise of a Nation.

New Proclamations by the defence Ministry that "The Armed Forces Are On Full Alert" and have been ordered to take effective action seem to be part of the rhetoric which contradicts the directives sent out to all Military Leaders to refrain from any action which would impede the "Peace Process" who indeed refrained from attacking the flotillas of Sea Tigers unloading huge shipments of arms twice in succession within a very short space of time in the not too distant past so what "effective action" is the Ministry talking about? The Forces Firing warning salvos over their heads to scare them off or maybe have the Minister of Defence use a bull horn exercising his vocal chords at the LTTE who just might run away?

The only 'action' so far seems to be the 'Mumbo Jumbo' of messers Peiris and Marapone on behalf of the shaky Administration they are a part of which,and one which makes very little sense!!


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