By Prof. Hudson Mclean

In fairness to LTTE claims, one has to consider their Democratic Rights.

Sri Lanka as a fair minded democratic State has recognized and delivered its election promises to the Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka.

But does LTTE play Democracy the same way as the Sri Lankans play cricket?

According to an article published in LankaWeb on 21.03.2002 LTTE Organizes a mammoth march to U.N. by A.A.M.NIZAM, MATARA, LTTE is "making demands".

And the word "DEMAND" is a strong word and Kofi Annan may not like the use of such words.

Demands that are going to be presented to the U.N. include the following:

- Recognize LTTE as the sole representative of the Tamil people; - Recognize the nationhood and the right to self-determination of the Tamil people;

- Sri Lanka and other countries should lift the ban on the LTTE;

- Economic embargo and fishing restrictions imposed on the Tamil people should completely be removed.;

- Until a permanent solution is found for the ethnic problem in Sri Lanka, repatriation of refugees in foreign countries should be stopped.

Here is how the average Citizen Baba sees-;

-Recognize LTTE as sole representative.................. This is not for the UN to decide. Let the Tamil citizens of Sri Lanka speak, at Free & Fair elections.

-Recognize the nationhood................. We have gone over this point a million times, VP. And Sri Lanka fully accepts that all these points have been declared and the Tamil people have a Democratic Right to decide to live in any place they choose. Sri Lanka, Norway, Tamil Nadu, Fiji etc, the choice is limitless.

-Sri Lanka and other countries............... Now, now! UN cannot impose any demands on countries which are following acceptable democratic norms. Sri Lanka has already stated that the ban on LTTE will be lifted in due course.

About "other countries" -Well! that it is their prerogative to decide.

-Economic embargo and fishing rights............. Dear chaps, one step at a time!

-Until a permanent solution............The permanent solution is found. The Norwegians pushed it in a hurry and the PM signed it. Re dictating to foreign countries ...... Ah! That is a problem, but no apologies.

Regarding the several hundreds of thousands of Tamil persons in other countries, well actually Sri Lanka is in no hurry to invite their return, I trust.

Now may the international community make a humble polite request to the LTTE powerbase?

Would the LTTE STOP kidnapping and molesting little children to join the LTTE terrorist brigade and STOP smuggling arms, weapons etc into the Sri Lankan territory?

Thanks Ever so!


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