UNF Politicos, Two Faced Policies And A Shambles of An MoU Has Brought The Nation To A Tentative Impasse Of Insecurity For The Sinhala Nation While There Are Lingering Questions!

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The UNF Government appears to be attempting to re -define the rights Sinhala Nation with no real mandate for it, apparently having misinterpreted their election successes as a go ahead towards compromising the Constitutional Rights of the Sinhala Nation and hence the fiasco being enacted between the UNF and the LTTE through the vagaries of the MoU which has created a tentative impasse of insecurity for the entire Sinhala Nation.

The voices in dissent which once were a murmer have now reached a voluminous intensity from all walks of Sinhala life including those of the all important Buddhist High Clergy demanding that the MoU be trashed, Norways Mediation revoked and the LTTE Leader apprehended and extradited to the demands of India or tried by tribunal for crimes against humanity which seems to be morally justified considering the vitally important role these decisions would play in easing the woes of the Nation as well as those of the Tamil Community presently being forcibly represented by the LTTE as it appears.

That there appears to be cause for concern, rests in the nonchalant aloofness displayed by the Prime Minister on being approached on the issues of LTTE demands, proliferation of arms and ammunition, extortion and intimidation of minorities in the North and North East, recruitment of cadre and openly propagating renewed slogans of their ambitions for secession blatanty acknowledging his awareness of all LTTE activities yet maintaining the totally false representation that they amount to nothing in a manner suggesting that he has a secret formula for success which would allay the fears of the Sinhala Nation.

Logically, even if there was a secret formula it would be Constitutionally Wrong to enter into any collaboration with the LTTE primarily because it does not have signed Presidential Assent nor the consent of the Sinhala Nation which beleives that it is a violation of their rights and that the speculative nature of the MoU ia a compromise and a betrayal of the Nation to its tormentors who appear to be 'laughing all the way to the bank' as they seem to view the MoU as a concession repreiving them of all past heinous attrocities and the right to propagate slogans of their puerile Eelamist demands.

It has to be borne in mind that the pattern emerging by way of all their recent activity contradicting the terms of the MoU and their arrogant barking at the recently concluded Press Conference conveys the simple message that these are the same Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam who have adopted a variation to their theme and changed their dress code in an attempt to hoodwink the World and that they are still a dangerous entity full capable of unleashing terror ( Now More So Than Before Thanks To The 'Cheek Turning' And Tolerance Of Our New Prime Minister And His Personal Concept Of Ahimsa! which May Jeapordize The Sinhala Nation)

Finally there is the conscience nagging thought of grim foreboding that there could very well be within the Present Administration and its allies, parties guilty of crimes against humanity themselves who have gone unapprehended and unpunished and that there could be a parallel between them and the LTTE which could be a symbiotic representation of an understanding to secure each others safety and impunity far beyond the visions and perceptions of the unsuspecting general public as, to date the Attrocities of Batalande, shameful losses of Military Personnel etc. have been conveniently shelved and unaccounted for, shrouded in mystery and vaulted in unpregnable and inaccessible surrounds so is there some kind of conspiratorial understanding between the UNP (which constitutes the main body of the UNF ) and the LTTE for reasons best known to themselves relative to conscience nagging criminality?

Citing recent events in the Netherlands where the Dutch Government was embarrased into dissolution due to the revelation of its participation in war crimes and massacres of civilians, could there be an analogy drawn with the Batalande Massacres which if presented to their 'alleged perpetrators' and very mentionable names, have any relevance to the uncanny collaboration between the Administration and the LTTE where both parties may be accountable to the Nation and the reason for the unconditionality of MoU which could then be interpreted easily as a cover for the prevention of investigative proceedings?

Lingering questions indeed which need to be addressed, answered and appropriate measures which need to be taken within the provisions of the Constitution which still remains the Final Adjudication together with the Chief Executive Officer's Ratification in the best interests of the Sinhala Nation. Incidentally the CEO is not represented by the Prime Minister although it may appear that way!



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