By L. Jayasooriya

Tamil false propaganda around the world said that the Singhalese are killers of the Tamils and the world believed it because neither the PA nor the UNP denied it. Only on one occasion Mr. Lakshman Kadiragamar, the foreign minister of the PA government said that the Singhalese are not communal minded. Those were very mild words, fifteen years too late for the world to change their opinion. Except for the above allegation that the Singhalese are killing the Tamils and therefore the Tamils need a separate homeland the Tamils have never, ever stated any other reason why they want to have a separate state. The outside world is not interested in such an analysis. All they believe is that the Tamils are entitled to a separate state for their safety. That situation was created both by the PA and the UNP who wanted the Tamil vote and as such did not want to offend their feelings by contradiction the Tamil propaganda. That situation has not changed even today.

The Tamils are the people who in the nineteen forties demanded 50% of the seats in parliament for a then 12% minority. They deceived the world by making them believe that the Singhalese are killers. Tamils contributed nothing to this country except the ruins that one sees today made by successive invasions. People are talking of solutions without even being able to identify and state in explicit language in what manner the Singhalese have wronged the Tamils.

What the LTTE and the Tamil politicians both want is not only an ethnic enclave but also one in which the Singhalese have no rights whereas the Tamils have their existing rights throughout the country. Which country in the world would tolerate such a demand excepting both the PA and the UNP? The reason why they both tolerate is that they both want the Tamil vote even if it means depriving the Singhalese of their basic rights as will be shown below.

With the 1978 electoral system of proportional representation neither the PA nor the UNP got a clear majority to govern. At every election the party that agreed to deprive the Singhalese most of their basic rights and hand them over to the minorities is the party that formed the government.

The classical example is that both the PA and the UNP have agreed by word of mouth that no Singhalese be given employment in estates controlled by Tamil unions and that the Tamil labourers be given a free plot of land so that eventually all these estates will be owned by the Tamils without paying a cent. These are the lands that were forcibly taken from the Singhalese by the British for their plantations. Today one sees the descendents of those Singhalese in the hill country who once owned those lands as the most impoverished Singhalese of the country. Employment in the land that their ancestors owned would have alleviated their suffering but the Tamils will not permit it. The Tamils who are depriving the Singhalese of their basic rights in the hill country are the indentured labour that was imported by the British to work in the plantations.

For many years both the PA and the UNP competed with each other for the right to kneel down before Thondaman, the arch enemy of the Singhalese for his votes in return for which they were prepared to deny more and more of the rights of the Singhalese in those areas.

Such a thing as described above is inconceivable in any country in the world except in Sri-Lanka. With the Tamils as their ally, at election time both the PA and the UNP unleash so much of violence and killing that foreign countries issue travel advisories to their citizens to avoid Sri-Lanka. Such is the nature of these two parties, the PA and the UNP that govern this country.

The reason why neither the PA nor the UNP government wanted to defeat the Tamils militarily is because they feared that the party that defeated the LTTE militarily will never get the support of the Tamils to govern and the other party would rule the country for ever with Tamil support. It is an insult of the most unimaginable magnitude to the Singhalese and to the army to say that the LTTE cannot be militarily defeated. It is also a betrayal of the nation and the country.

The LTTE can be militarily defeated because it has no support at grass roots level among the Tamil population anywhere under the control of the LTTE. Competent commanders were never employed. Camp after camp has been overrun and Singhalese soldiers shot in cold blood. Yet those commanders responsible for these disasters have been allowed to continue to remain in service. This the outside world does not know.

There are enough Singhalese who say that there has to be a political solution and not a military solution. These are people who if they hear someone say that the earth is flat, will go home and ponder over it and study it and having learnt it will thereafter repeat it on their own. They do not have the brains to understand that there cannot be two armies opposed to each other in a country. They havenít got the brains to understand that the LTTE has no support at grass root level for it to survive or to resurrect after it has been militarily defeated. They do not know that no government wanted to defeat the LTTE militarily for reasons already stated. They cannot put down in writing in unambiguous language what exactly the problem is and yet they keep repeating that the earth is flat.

Without being able to justify what they are saying there are those who speak of a federal system of government. These morons do not understand that a federal system is the getting together of several independent states for the greater good of all concerned. Sri-Lanka has been a unitary state for thousands of years and yet there are people who talk in terms of cutting up this tiny 25,000 square miles and stitching it up again to form a federal system. No unitary state has ever been cut up and pieced together again. Such an idea will not enter the mind of even a schoolboy because of the unimaginable cruelty involved in cutting up oneís own motherland and giving it away to be joined again as a foreign component. What kind of a heart a man have to be able to suggest the idea of cutting up of his own country and to stitch together the cut-up portions as foreign components? Such an individual can easily cut up his own mother and stitch the parts together again. Please have no doubts about that.

The moment boundaries are drawn for internal self-administration the LTTE will declare unilateral independence and the West will recognize it. While the West has always denounced terrorism have we not had the eyes to see that the West has been very keen that we come to a so-called negotiated settlement? Knowing very well that the so-called problem has not even been identified the West keeps on telling this and our buffoons keep repeating it.

Our buffoons do not realize that all this could be a plan to establish Eelam so that the LTTE could destabilize Tamil Nadu and encourage her to separate from the Indian federation. Already the LTTE has its influence in Tamil Nadu. Once Tamil Nadu leaves the federation, the rest of India will disintegrate into ethnic components. The West will then come back to dine on her carved up portions with their napkins tied around their necks. So great will be the salivation of the colonials who will be able to return to deal with individual chief ministers. That is not all. It will deal a death blow to Indian Research and Development. While India has top caliber scientists for theoretical research, it needs vast amounts of money to develop those ideas to marketable products like computer chips. If India is fragmented this money will not be available.

It was India that trained the LTTE to destabilize Sri-Lanka and invade her in the form of IPKF. The commanders of the IPKF have openly stated that they invaded with the idea of not returning but our buffoons believe that they came to liquidate the LTTE and return home. Both the Premadasa government and the LTTE lobbied separately the highest levels in the US administration to persuade the LTTE to leave. I myself individually presented the case to a high official of the US government who on the basis of my written submission and telephone conversation told me that he will see both ambassadors, meaning the Sri-Lankan and the Indian ambassadors and he asked me to ring him later. After seeing both ambassadors he told me when I rang him back that India had no intention of leaving. The Sri-Lankan ambassador to the US at that time will never forget that incident even though I have never met either our ambassador or the US government high official.

How Dixit humiliated Sri-Lanka the world knows but not the Singhalese because our media never informed the people. The Singhalese were and are so naÔve that they blame Premadasa for not allowing the IPKF to finish off with the LTTE. The interest that the Indian High Commission has shown in the Tamil members of parliament should be a matter of concern to us but nobody cares. Whatever that may be what the West wants should also be clear and we may be the sacrificial lamb that has to be sacrificed for something not even mentioned and that can only be done by the government in power.

It does not require the brains of Albert Einstein to understand that no solution can be found within a unitary state or even within a federal system with an independent army inside that is opposed to the army of the central government. The present futile attempt to find a so-called solution goes to show the pathological depths to which this country has been driven by the two political parties PA and the UNP both of whom want to treat the Tamils as their ally against the Singhalese population for reasons already mentioned. Under such conditions the only solution possible would be to betray the Singhalese and the country.

The LTTE are already in Colombo demanding 50 lakhs each from Pettah businessmen. The net will thereafter close on all other Tamils, most of whom were sympathetic to the LTTE. With the barricades removed, who knows what and what have been smuggled in to blow up key installations all in one go at any moment?

It needs a two-thirds majority to seal the fate of the country. That can only be done by the Singhalese. Tamils cannot do it and the Muslims cannot do it. Will there be any Singhalese whose mother land is Sri-Lanka who will give that two-thirds majority to achieve that aim by removing the power of the president to dissolve parliament this December?


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