Prof. Hudson McLean


The LTTE Terrorists and their supporters should take note ................and if fighting broke out again it would be the last war to be fought by them.......This is not our statement. This directly from Cat's Whiskers. Please check out the above link.

Imagine one of your guests threatening the householder, unless the guest is allowed to have his way, the guest would blow up the house apart.

Many of the Tamils are essentially are remnants of invaders and the bulk are "uninvited squatters" not even guests. Some of them were brought in by the British Colonial masters as "temporary guest workers". Now they not only wish to roost on top of the roof, but take over the entire house, by force and terror.

The Sri Lankans must put aside their natural role of playing the generous host and tell the government in no uncertain terms, "Enough is Enough!"

Tamils have their homeland, as both Dr. Anton Balasingham and the Terrorist Leader Velupillai Prabhakaran reminded the Indian government in April during the disastrous Press confab that, "India is the Motherland of all Tamils".

As mentioned in several of my papers, the entire concept of Peace talks and the unilateral declaration of cease fire is hogwash. Baloney. BS. An excuse to prepare for the "Last War" as quoted by LTTE SENIOR LEADER KARIKALAN.

The LTTE was able to continue the smuggling of weapons blatantly, in the open, under the very noses of the Nordic Monitors, and possibly with tacit the approval of the Norwegian mediators, with the MoU as a shield. Did Erik Solheim and his colleagues probably give a nod and a wink?

According to well informed sources, over the past two months, RanilW has come to his senses, largely due to the pressure applied by the Buddhist clergy, to retune his grey cells and come down to earth.

To elaborate on the article presented by L. Jayasooriya in LankaWeb, if the main cause of the Tamil demand for their separate homeland is due to security, they can jolly well return to TamilNadu. If the same principle is applied that every single minority ethnic group fearing for their safety, is allowed to create their own homeland, this world of ours will be in several thousand bits and pieces.

Chicago will be divided into at least two States. California would probably have Chinese, Korean, Mexican, Tamil, a dozen other Indian, Sinhala, Polish States, to name just a few. Every single minority in the USA feeling deprived and discriminated will demand their own independent State. And good ole United Kingdom will be a dis-United Mess.

The world has witnessed that the ethic violence in Sri Lanka was perpetrated by a handful of politically and economically motivated thugs, and mainly by the LTTE themselves. From the very beginning, LTTE knew very well that their bloody struggle was one without an end. When the Leadership realised the streaming flow of economic benefits which the Tamil Diaspora would pour into the pot, both voluntarily and of course, with the odd arm lock, the greed overcame the primary principles.

The well organised collection of funds, the side fringe benefits, the bucksheesh and the kick backs from arms procurement, have created over fifty Tamil expats into dollar millionaires in USA, UK, Australia, Italy, Canada and Nordic countries, including Anton and Cuddly Pillai.

Several exceptionally poor immigrants who arrived with only a handful of dollars, without any basic education or proper employment, suddenly discovered wealth to send their children to higher education. These are the next generation of LTTE middle management in waiting to carry out commands of the Top Cats.

But unfortunately for the LTTE super Cats and their kittens, the jets brought down the WTC Twin Towers which changed the world order. And if any of the Tamil residents, who are currently under the end of a microscope by various security organisations, are found to be involved in any form terror activity, Uncle Sam just might apply the "NutCracker" onto a few sensitive locations.

Now for the Last Waltz. The Doomsday Scenario. According to our own resources, there are between 150-300 LTTE suicide warriors are in place in the South, from the coastal Hambantota to coastal Chilaw. Over a dozen have infiltrated into the hilly districts. Many of the high profile land marks have been targeted. Since these are unconfirmed reports, we do not wish to create any premature pandemonium.

Also, after the Twin Tower episode, there is some serious thought given to implementing a copycat act and potential flights from UAE, Thailand and India have been given consideration. LTTE have very suitable candidates in place in all these locations, with specialist qualifications. Several Tamil technicians who are likely candidates, are currently employed by British Airways as well as Gulf Air and Emirates. There are several highly competent technical personnel in the employment of Boeing in Seattle. There are plans to draw maximum possible resources to make the Hamas and Al Qaeda activists look like simple amateurs.

In the meantime, King Cat will fade into the distant horizon, only after visiting a Chinese plastic surgeon in Thailand to perform a discreet resculpture to his chubby cheeks, nose and goodness knows where else, with the secret codes, to the bank accounts safely tucked in a leather pouch round his neck, instead of the famous Cyanide Pill.

As stated in earlier scribbles, this will be the last war. It will gradually explode into a full scale bloody battle. Sri Lankan resources will be supplemented by the Indian Air Force with the backing of Israeli advisors. The Americans will donate all the logistical support.

Colombo will look the worse after the attacks, worse than when the Japs visited Ceylon in 1942. The casualty figures will be exceptionally high. And the North East will be aptly renamed Jaffgahnistan!


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