Hallucinatory Peace Talks and Demilitarisation of North & East.


Whither the much hallucinatory peace talks? Since it was installed in power by the conglomerate of terrorist funding agents, underworld gangsters, bootleggers, pro-alien anti-national elements, NGO and media barons, the government consisting of and controlled by a gang of traitors had nothing to offer but shameless multifarious concessions, grants, inducements, and unlimited power to the terrorist gang which had mercilessly and horrendously assassinated several thousand innocent Sri Lankans, let alone the Buddhist monks, religious dignitaries and politicians, for nearly two decades. The general masses who were promised milk and honey, gold chains and bracelets, were mesmerized and forced to believe that peace talks to be held soon would be a panacea to all our problems and it would usher in a utopian golden era.

The so-called peace talks or capitulation talks to paraphrase it appropriately were reportedly scheduled for May, then beginning of June, end of June, July, August etc. Whether these talks will be stalled or will see the light of the day, the government and the terrorist gang project different topics as the subject matter of the talks. The self proclaimed ideologue of the terrorists gang, terrorist Balasingham in a recent interview to their official organ Tamil Guardian clearly outlined the background, current status and their objective for attending, if it becomes necessary, for the proposed talks.

Beginning from the devolution package presented by President Chandrika he has explained that those proposals were extremely limited and inadequate to meet the aspirations of the Tamil people to deal with their inalienable right over their traditional and historical homeland. Referring to the current status and the future goals, he has stated that Mr Ranil Wickramasinghe does not have the necessary political authority to deal with the core issues as perceived by the Tamils. The only practical approach accessible to Ranil is to work out an interim politico-administrative set-up offering an opportunity for the LTTE to participate in the economic development of the northeast.

Before spelling out categorically their firm stand on the proposed talks, the terrorist gang used its local buddy Sunday Leader, way back in March 31 to announce that the talks will not address substantive issues but will discuss ways and means of setting up an interim administration for the Tamil regions. It said that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe has agreed in principle to the establishment of an interim council in the north - east for a designated period of time

The main obstacle to the acceptance of this formal handover is the presence of Sri Lankan forces in the North and East. The demand for the withdrawal of forces from the North and East regions, the latest demand is to return them to Colombo, is being intensified through forced mass demonstrations, proxy parliamentarians, and NGO sycophants. Will the government of the gang of traitors budge in to these demands and demilitarize the North and East, thus fixing the last nail to the coffin of Sri Lanka's sovereignty, and territorial integrity.


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