Prof. Hudson McLean

What a turn round! A U-turn on a pile of cow dung!

This is pure cobwebs over the eyes of a blind fool.

If the TTT/LTTE are really, honestly, sincerely mean what they say, we would like to hear that from the horses mouth, sorry, I mean the Tigers mouth, but not the mouthpiece. Straight into a video phone of Francis Harrison of the BBC.

Grant an exclusive to the BBC and or the CNN and confirm in Tamil or whatever language the Tiger-in-Chief may utter, to the effect that, "We have, as of this day, accept the Sovereign Integrity of the Island of Sri Lanka and her legislature, without reservations. Furthermore, we accept to hand over all our weapons to our trusted accomplices, the Royal Norwegian Government, and renounce violence and terrorism!". As simple as that.

And without that, these fancy theatricals are simply hogwash or bullshit!

Past experience indicates that the "Wily Doctor Death" has lied many a time, and his wife as the Colonel-in-Chief of the vicious, evil, ruthless murderous Tiger women, should be held in a steel cage, away from Sri Lanka.

Then those Sri Lankans and all those Concerned Expatriates, (including the woodworm that crawled out of the TTT/LTTE woodwork) should feel a bit less concerned.

We still maintain that RanilW and his Dirty Dozen sold out Sri Lanka. There were more than one "secret pacts or agreements" between RanilW and the TTT/LTTE, simply to win the election.

Otherwise how may one account for the miraculous turn round?

All the points were secretly discussed, agreed and the first Peace Meeting was just pure cosmetic. And Pattaya was the stage. This is why RanilW and his minions did not allow any independent observers. RanilW the magician, pulled that "Tame Timid Tiger" out of his sarong!

The burning question is, what follows next?

Do we really need these future meetings? Or has the entire agenda is a foregone conclusion, stretched to suit the time table of the fixers?

Is the stretching of these Magic Moments meant to draw the next Parliamentary and Presidential elections into the equation? The supreme art of blackmail. "Either Vote for UNF or the Tigers will pull out the arms again!"

Is that why the good Professor G.L.Pieris wants to stretch the peace process over a couple of years, allow the TTT/LTTE to build up their weapons, allow them to maintain their offensive infrastructure, nurse their terrorist commanders in Colombo hospitals at the cost of the SLG, to create a situation of pure blackmail?

Has the TTT/LTTE has become the secret weapon of RanilW in his UNF to blackmail the Sri Lankan public and hold a gun against the electorate to command their votes in favour of UNF?

Vote UNF or the TTT/LTTE will rape your women, crack the skulls of your infants, burn your houses and hack the rest of you with blunt machettes!

We have an intelligent guess that India knows all about this and the rest of the countries who proscribed LTTE are fully aware of this deceptive mentality. The direct path like a corkscrew.

Is that why the Defence Forces have kept quiet, so that a few may benefit from the government backhanders and greezing of the palms with sweeteners, to maintain the aura of fear? Another half a dozen millionaires, doing a Ratwatte and, stuffing their mattresses with US Dollar bills?

If the SLG really wants to put an end to terror, in the current theatre, the SLG will receive the political blessing of India and the civilised democracies around the world. Of course the arms merchants within Israel, USA, EU and the underworld suppliers in the Far East and the former USSR will be eveready to light the fuse. But the entire situation is political-economic, dramatics to line a few pockets, but nothing to do with peace or human welfare.

If all this "positive declarations" at the Peace Offering are so correct, why is that no other sensible country has accepted the results on its face value?

Honour amongst thieves? Birds of the same feather?

Twenty years of fighting ends after twenty hours of discussions? A joint Nobel Peace Prize nomination for Erik Solheim, RanilW and "His Excellency" Antonius Balasingham (before he kicks the bucket) in 2002 before the TTT/LTTE opens their next round of fireworks?

C'mon Ranil, do you think that "RanilW the Great and his Three Wise Men" are so much cleverer than the the whole world?

The whole episode lacks finesse. Shows a great deal of naivity on the part of the Three Wise men of RanilW, and the grave diggers from UK, USA and Australia, whose revelation was meant to shock the pants off the civilised world.

In our considered opinion, the vigilance and delving into the mud hole is imperative, by all those who are concerned about the "real welfare" of Sri Lanka, until the Dirty Dozen and the Tiger Brigade make a sincere honest transparent statement, condemning violence and terrorism. Parallel to that, the Norwegians now must act to disarm the terrorists. Until then, a huge question mark hangs on top of the head of our Magician RanilW, the "Moses of Sri Lanka", "What else is he hiding and dragging, in his greed for political office?"

And never forget that, Moses took the wrong turn and left all the oil wells to the Arabs! Ha!


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