"To Restore Peace to Sri Lanka's fractured Polity in Website

Mr.Bernard Goonetilleke
Director General/Ambassador Peace Secretariat

Dear Sir,


The background essay written by Dr. Silva, BA (Cey) PhD D.Litt (London) and presented under the heading "To restore Peace to Sri Lanka's fractured Polity", which has been given a very prominent place in the "Peaceinsrilanka" Website, needs your immediate attention Sir.

The manner in which the learned Dr. has tried to present facts on it's own merit, attempts to undermine the united, dedicated and combined efforts the Sinhalese, Tamil the Muslims and other minority ethnic leaders had contributed towards negotiating Independence to then (Ceylon) Sri Lanka.(Refer para 02 of essay).

He only highlights D.S.Senanayake as the key figure.

Not only that, he has also conveniently forgotten to discuss the main issues that contributed to the ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka, such as colonization (Padaviya, Gal-oya and Kantalai),the enlisting of South Indian labour as estate labourers by the colonial masters and the presence of a very prominent Tamil speaking minority, the MUSLIMS, who were very prosperous traders and merchants and who privately owned the Port of Colombo as their private estate during a period when the Sinhalese, Tamils and the Muslims were living in Peace and Harmony.(Refer para 03 of essay). Silva is also creating an unreal senario of the Conflict by stating in his essay that "The current ethnic conflict in Sri Lanka is a much complex business than a simple striaghtforward confrontation between a once entrenched minority - "the Sri Lankan tamils and a now powerfull, but still insecure Sinhalese". The terminology he uses simply radiates the inner feelings of dominance and superiority of the Sinhalese, which he wishes to communicate hidden, through his essay.

In the present context of Peace negotiations, this is more harmfull than helpfull.

He also makes it a point in a very clear way by mentioining - The Sinhalese majority and the Sri Lankan Tamils are not the only players in this intricate political drama, even though at present they play the principle roles, but goes on to talk about Buddhist and Catholic Sinhalese communities.

He has, to some extent, purposefully forgotten to mention the Muslim community (Ceylon Moors,Indian Moors and the Malays) who in reality are the third (3rd.) force of Political players.

When presenting an essay/paper on the background of a Nation and it's people/communites, specially under the circumstances the PEACEINSRILANKA Website has been launched by the Government of Sri Lanka, the essay/paper should give the truthfull facts and treat all parties to the issues in a more equal and honourable manner as history has written and told and not be a written instrument that will misguide those concerned and the World at large.

Therefore, as the Director General of the Peace Secretariat in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the guardian of the website, the essay written by Dr. de Silva has to be reviewed and corrections or amendments effected without delay.

This is what the Peace Process is all about.

Noor Nizam

Thursday 19th., September, 2002.



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