Lifting of Ban on LTTE

Dear Editor,
Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe wants to lift the Ban on LTTE. This recalls us the blunder done by Previous UNP Regime led by Ranasinghe Premadasa by supplying arms & ammunition to LTTE. Therefore, UNP govts are famous for blunders in dealing with LTTE Terrorists in the past. Similarly, they are going to repeat the same mistake once again.

Dear Editor, Pls. remind him or publish this letter on your website that Tamils in Sri Lanka are leftovers of various invasions, smuggling
expeditions and have come to Sri Lanka to work. Therefore, they are not indigenous to Sri Lanka, hence, There is no question of Homeland.On the other hand, they are enjoying much more benefits than the majority community in Sri Lanka at the moment which is a well known fact to everybody.

Finally, Mr. Ranil Wickramasinghe must recognise the fact that Sri Lankans are not brought him to power in order to appease a gang of murderers who attacked Sri Maha Bodhi, Temple of Tooth, cold bloodedly killed Buddhist Monks & Innocent civillians, Heads of States of India and Sri Lanka.

In the circumstances, I would reiterate that if Ranil Wickramasinghe and some of his ministers follow this line of action by siding with terrorists and threatening the integrity of the country and National Security, he will pay a price dearly very soon.

Nimal Tissa Wijetunga.

Thoughts of Moderates

Some enthusiastic in our beloved country is in a mighty hurry to jump into the "peace mire" without seeing the consequences. The innocent public face great danger at the helms of our shortsighted leadership and their unwarranted decision-makings. The most unfortunate thing is this miserable Pirabhakaran does not know the difference between the good and the bad. Thus as per our old saying, “the leech cannot be kept on a mattress” he is not happy to accept any peace. He is afraid of peaceful living, which is alien to him and has no experience of. He is terrified to emerge from the jungle hideouts to live with normal people, shelving his armour, and accept cultural norms. Many of his enemies are in wait throughout the country, for vengeance of his inhuman atrocities and carnage brought upon them, during the past two decades, so he cannot survive in civilized environment sans, his long-accustomed arms.

In a pensive mood it came to my mind lately, some ideas which bothered me a lot, made very much inquisitive to know whether it's my imagination or coincidence or any other phenomenon, behind these factual incidents.

1) During President J.R.Jayawardhane's time Indian P.M. Rajeev Gandhi, tried to bring this megalomaniac, Pirabakaran to the negotiation table, but the process was tumbled down abruptly. The end result was Loss of a Prime Minister to India.

2) Then our next President Mr. R.Premadasa, tried pampering and rearing the formidable terrorist outfit without knowing the imminent perils, and tried to negotiate peace. The end result was Loss of a President to Sri Lanka.

3) Third instance was by our lady President, following her dead- (murdered) husband's friendship with some of these terror-mongers, and ensuing the idealism he nurtured, tried her best to come to some compromise with this monster. But what he did? Surprise attacks and more devastation than any other govt. faced and the humiliation and degradation the country and the govt. achieved, internally and internationally. The end result was the Loss of an eye of the Lady and the country in deeper social and economic quagmire and misery.

4) Now the latest heroism, by our new Prime Minister with his church propagandists and so called "moderate Tamil leaders" are now in fray with the moderate Singhalese, rather than the terrorists to uplift their living condition and pave way for their long waited "Elam".
Who knows the end result? We wish him all the success and hope no more loss of lives especially of "Political Elite Hierarchy".
Remember the Hon.P.M's message to the nation on the 47th annual convention of U.N.P at the town hall. "I will not allow anyone to set the country on fire again in the guise of protesting against a solution to the war.”

My sincere appeal is, that even though we all crave for peaceful, comfortable and blissful living, we have to remember with whom we are dealing with, through past experience and approach with utmost care and utter shrewdness.

Dharmasena Rajapakse,
Abu Dhabi.


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