The Bounden Duty Of The President To Implement Her Mandated Right.

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It will be a matter of time before the Ultimate Authority asserts its Jurisdiction in mandating what is the primary right of the President towards restoring a real normal order in Sri Lanka as the scenario taking place within the Island Nation appears to be a mockery of the Democratic Rights of the People as Laid down in the Constitution in direct violation of its objectives which is a travesty of justice, a conclusion which can be arrived at without having to reach too deeply into the Constitutional Statutes of the Land to establish its credibilities.

There seem to be too many two faced actors and decision makers within the new Administration whose pretentious exteriors beam transparent in the guise of being the Nation's benefactors, getting involved in Administrative Matters pertaining to Sovereignity and National Security under the auspices of their appointed positions as Cabinet Ministers and the order of the day seem to be the ludicrous manner in which they go about broadcasting blatant lies and innuendoes being master craftsmen of the trade led by the likes of Prof.G.L Peiris, Tyronne Fernando and Tilak Marapone corroborated by the strong arm tactics of the law enforcers of the UNF Coalition.

Speculation is rife that all this is taking place on the instigation of the Prime Minister himself who is effectively preventing the gathering momentum of dissention of the opposition from reaching out to the majority of the people unaware of the scenario taking place and it is very unlikely that the President will tolerate this much longer.She should have no compunctions about enforcing preventitive measures to halt the runaway train mentality of the UNF protagonists of betrayal of a hitherto unsuspecting Nation regardless of her own commitment to a lasting peace which she may be forced to pre-empt in the interests of the Nation.

Many beleive it is her bounden duty towards the Nation to exercise her authority and set right the chaos that is about to take place should the LTTE be given too much rope with which they could bind the Nation in a stranglehold and shatter the pipe dream being instilled into a gullible population that 'all will be well in the end' and that the LTTE will become the truly complacent Non -Eelam demanding 'Blue Eyed Boys' that will be all smiles with handshakes all around that the UNF are projecting them to be, whereas they are in reality the singlemost entity which has been responsible for a near devastation of the Nation, its Economy and the Hearts of the Sinhala Nation, its tormentors with whom the UNF Government is now consorting.

In their self proclamations that the Local Government Elections were a clear mandate for the UNF and in favour of the MoU with the LTTE the truth is now emerging about the intimidation and thuggery at more than 60 Polling Areas where strong armed UNF thugs prevented many seemingly pro PA voters from casting their votes and the independent monitors unequivocally pronounced that the Elections were fatally flawed and unacceptable as being legitimate while the UNF celebrations have begun and the firecrackers explode.This was no mandate in favour of the MoU nor was it an affirmation of faith towards it as there have been allegations of high level vote rigging by the UNF which needs to be investigated but not by the present notoriously partisan Commissioner of Elections in the least!

Apathetically, in the face of all the ambiguous wheeling and dealing taking place between the UNF and the LTTE a new theory has emerged where it is rumored that a master move is taking place being spearheaded by Ranil Wickremasinghe towards his Presidential ambitions where the LTTE will be his backup force in the event of any opposition from the present Presidency and the Armed forces which in reality sounds too far fetched to be plausible yet knowing the manouverability of his crafty mind could never be dispelled nor swept under the carpet.Otherwise, ask many "Why the blind eye being turned by thre UNF to all the violations of the so called Peace Process and Ceasefire peing perpetrated on a daily basis by the LTTE ? Does it not have all the makings of a compromise between the UNF and the LTTE where the will of the people has little or nothing to do with it?"

This would be the ultimate betrayal of the people's confidences in having returned the UNF to the seat of Administration should such a compromise ever take place and the President has every right to twart such ambitions of avarice and greed in using all the authority vested in her through the Constitution and its Founding Fathers in saving the Sinhala Nation from the disaster that may otherwise become an eventuality.


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