Do we really need to depend on US ?

A concerned expatriate.

Prof. Mclean's arguments and analysis of the Sri Lankan problem in some of his articles seem to contradict what one might expect from a learned person. He seems to have this misguided belief that somehow if we hide under the skirt of USA the problems facing Sri Lanka would just go away. I am surprised to find there are other "scholars" within our population who share his tunneled vision approach. Get real! We have to, with the best interest of all Sri Lankans at heart, seize the present opportunity for peace and do everything humanly possible to find a political solution instead of looking to others to solve our national crisis. Of course, every bit of international help should be welcomed, but we have to be at the helm and take the leadership.

Sri Lanka is not a newborn country that needs to totally rely on external help and guidance to carryout its obligations to its citizens. We have a rich cultural history, much natural recourse, and we have produced great thinkers and politicians. But unfortunately, for many years (decades) we haven't had the luxury of having politicians who genuinely worked hard for the good of the country. The public must also share the blame for this shortfall. The public has been so nave and clueless in the past to see the real intentions of the politicians. The complexities and corruption surrounding the Sri Lankan politics are well known around the world. Most of the politicians (including the President) and leaders of other groups who claim to represent various segments of people in Sri Lanka are more focused in lining their own pockets and enjoying power than taking the time to address the concerns of their constituents. This is why our ethnic problem doesn't get solved. It is not the case that we don't know how to or don't have the resources to do so; it is just that solving it would mean abdicating control over the people. Stray politicians will reign over Sri Lanka as long as there are gullible people to blindly follow them.

United States of America is not in the business of providing municipality services to countries that cannot take the initiative to clean up their own yards. US has its own share of problems. Event of September 11, 2001 was a wakeup call for everyone who believed and still believes that if you ignore a problem long enough that it would disappear. We have a real problem; so lets stop our recriminations and lend our hands any way we can to bring some peace and stability to the country. We are wasting too much of valuable time yielding to or spreading propaganda while the fate of the nation and that of many lives are hanging by a thread. There are no quick remedies. The root causes of the ethnic problems need to addressed and systematically eliminated. Until we realize and truly understand the underlying issues we cannot find a long-term solution. Stop the bickering and complaining, and focus on what is needed to get Sri Lanka back on track. Now that would be a great service to a war-torn country like Sri Lanka.


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