The "MOU" and the "MOUSE" Trap

By Dr C Samaraweera

Ranil's, M.O.U., to Prabakaran and the LTTE is a MOUSE (Memorandum of Understanding Surrender to Elam) trap to the Sinhalese people and their motherland. It's a disaster waiting to happen, in the annals of 2546th year of the Buddhist era to their history, culture, and religion of Sri Lanka. Parabakaran is rewriting these historical manuscripts, ably assisted by Sinhala quislings (Webster dictionary meaning, traitor who collaborates with the enemy).
The LTTE has systematically destroyed and eliminated Sinhala names or Tamilized them, destroyed archeological and religious sites, and temples in the north and east and more recently further south the Dalada Maligawa and the Srimaha Bodia. All these eliminate evidence of Sinhala occupation in historical times.In order to stake their claim for the morbid delusion of Elam and it's possible future expansion of it's boundaries.
It must be remembered that in the most recent election the opposition party polled 3,900,901 votes and the UNP polled 3,377,330 votes. The UNP and Ranil never did get a mandate to divide the motherland and hand it on a platter to Prabakaran, the Terminator. He elected himself the "The Godfather and "the sole representatives of the Tamils" by murder, lamppost hangings, torture, extortion, kidnapping, with the blessings of the "MOU" and the Norwegians, who are the fake defenders of Human Rights. Those Tamil politicians, who opposed him, in the north and east were gunned down. It was all in a days work for the "sole Representative of the Tamils." He ethnically cleansed the Sinhalese and Muslims in the N&E. In the ongoing MOU with the government, Prabakaran violated every known human right. In this regard, I petitioned on June 24, 2001 to the president of the United Nations, demanding that Parabakaran be tried as a war criminal for the gunning down of the 600 policeman and soldiers who surrendered, on June 10th 1990. A day of infamy which should be long remembered. At every violation of the "MOU" and preconditions demanded by the terrorists "peace talks" Ranil and the UNP placates them and spew out these words "confidence building measures." Murder, torture, kidnapping, intimidation against any human being is a violation of human rights in any book. This is hubris of highest order. Public accountability is what the citizens expect. An informed citizenry is essential to a functioning democracy. The Sri Lankan people don't need flamboyant statements and sound bites like the Minister who made a dumb statement that the superpowers US and Britain will help us. And the UNP's arrogance to believe they have no obligation to explain themselves to the Sinhalese majority, who oppose this sham, which is neither enforced by the Govt. or the fake monitors. This is a sordid example of how the constitution is manipulated and loop holes exploited to trample the rights of the voters.

Recently, the scathing UTHR report of the Jaffna University Tamils accusing the government of abandoning their responsibility of protecting the Tamils who oppose the idea of Prabakaran being the "sole representative" of the Tamils, was a telling indictment, of the "MOU" farce being played out right now. Recently, it was reported in the SL papers that attempts were set in motion to prevent the Mahanayake's communicating with the people. Throughout history this has been their prerogative thru times of calamity. A pattern is clearly emerging of the similarities between the UNP and the LTTE of which the National Joint Committee must be cognizant. Is this the beginning of Ranil and the UNP being "sole representatives" of the South?, while Prabakaran has designated himself as the "sole representatives and enforcer" of the Tamils in the North and East, when it is clearly not so as reported by the UTHR. While, Parabakarn the terminator is alive and well, and the UNP prepares to deproscribe and forgive him for the thousands of Sinhalese and tamils killed. The UNP pursues the PA government, Sinhalese, military and police personnel with the passion of a personal vendetta against the opposition. They are being hounded and imprisoned on frivolous charges, when the government ignores the 600 policemen killed. Some of who were defending the Sinhalese against the LTTE "terminator." Is this the silencing of the Sinhala opposition?

The fact is that more Tamils live in peace and harmony with the Sinhalese in the South. The international committee wants peace, all Sri Lankans want peace, but not on the LTTE's terms. The Nationalistic Sinhala parties, the JVP, the SJS, NMAT, Buddhists, Christians, Catholics, and Muslims all want self determination for all the people of Sri Lanka not just for the LTTE. You don't need to redefine providences and boundaries as proposed by the LTTE and foreign collaborators to negotiate peace. Division of the motherland will lead to eternal war and incubate hatred, a united country brings peace and progress. The ongoing lessons of history India-Pakistan, Palestine-Israel, British-IRA, Korea North-South, China-Taiwan, the wars continue unabated. But the UNP and PA chose to ignore it for instant glory and the peril of Sri Lanka. The Norwegian's who claim "facilitators" in the Israel-Palestine land dispute and who fathered the Oslo Accords is an unmitigated failure. Where are the UN, Norway, and US now, the "peace brokers"? They are powerless while thousands of Palestinians are killed and their houses demolished.
The new Northeast Province proposed by the UNP and PA supported by the Norwegian bag boys is a sop thrown at the Sinhalese and other minorities who oppose it. The MOU is a prelude to a give away to the LTTE. When the peace talks fail no Sri Lankan in his right mind ever believes that it will revert to status quo other than a bloody war for a disputed boundary and expansion of their territory. A continuous monitoring of the land border will be necessary. As the history of world conflicts on separation indicated we fight it now or fight later without a foothold. The sponsors will be nowhere in sight when the shooting starts. This conflict is about all Sri Lankans having equal rights in all of Sri Lanka, and not about one mans schizophrenic delusion of elam. The Nationalistic parties, the JVP, NMAT, SJS, and SU understand the reality and see the big picture, and are aware of the sentiment of the people at the grass root level. The UNP and PA are trying to jump off a high diving board with a sack placed over their head by the Norwegians into an empty swimming pool.

Dr. C.Samaraweera, USA


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