"Piece" Train - Destination Ealam!

Sarath Bulathsinghala

Ranil Wick''s peace initiative is fast moving towards its destination and goal - Ealam. While the UNF government is pandering away the safety of the nation, so that the nation can be held to ransom ad- nauseum the foolish nation is as happy as a kid who has bought a lollipop and a lottery ticket.

This ever 'wet behind the ear' kid is hoping that the lollipop will last for ever and at the lottery, he will win big.

As we all know, the lollipop will not last for ever and the chances of winning the lottery is one in a million.

The demand for Ealam will be around our necks like a mill stone, till the nation destroys itself and Ealam is established.

Sri Lanka will become a vassal state of the newly established Ealam. Like a black hole eats away its nearby sister star, Sri Lanka will be drained economically till it is bled white and left to die.

What is left will be eaten away by the cancer of the evangelical Christian Church.

In this situation, while a complacent nation is waiting in ignorance its final demise, it is timely that the facts of the Tamils demands for Ealam are exposed and the ever green kid is educated for a one last time.

We need to publish the salient features of the following and a dialogue rekindled. If this is not done Ranil Wicks treacherous plan for Sri Lanka will go its course.

There will be many denials by those who wield the power and rosy pictures of heaven on earth made to satisfy the daily needs of gravely ill, brain damaged, but still smiling kid.

Bandaranaike - Chelvanayagam pact
Dudley Senanayake - Chelvanayagam pact
JR - Dixit Indo Sri Lanka agreement
Thimpu Talks - The extent of autonomy proposed - Annexure C - how and why the talks failed.
Chandrika's Devolution proposals
Ranil's Asymentrical Devolution proposals
Powers delegated to constituent states of the Union of India -in the present context those delegated to Tamil Nadu and the powers of the Central Government

We hope that the kid is not beyond redemption.


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