The witty expressions of the late Dr. Badi-ud-din Mahmoud, in colloquial phrases peculiar to Southern Muslims are very popular among the Muslim community. If he happened to be alive today enraged with the blunders and stupidity of the Kandy district UNP MP Rauf Hakeem he would have said "Inda Pee-podiyanukku therinja entha politics da" ( Mae Goo-kollata danna mona deshapalaneda ban - what bloody politics this faecal cub knows men). The introvert political minion Rauf Hakeem roared like a lion when in PA as he was then an MP of the independent group NUA. Following his election to Parliament as a UNP MP last December, he had become a babe and a mercenary of Ranil Wickremasinghe ever ready to launder Ranils dirty linen.

Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his non-Buddhist pro-LTTE elite group that command real power in the government used this introvert turncoat to eulogize mass murderer Prabhakaran among the Muslim community despite the fact that he had brutally exterminated thousands of innocent Muslims. When the people of the East were not aware of the inevitable dangers lying ahead for them from the terrorist gang due to the naked licence given to them by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe under the controversial MOU, Hakeem urged the Muslims of the East to emulate Prabhakaran. He viewed it as a great honour to dine with this mass murderer by visiting him through a free-helicopter ride given to him by the great collaborator Ranil at government's expense. The notorious agreement he shamelessly signed under the Tiger Flag became dead letter even before the ink on it dried up.

Similar to what happened to the agreement Kittu signed with a Sri Lankan Muslim delegation in Madras and the Muslim inhabitants in the five Northern districts were mercilessly expelled by the LTTE, Muslims in Muttur and Addalachchenai were murdered, tormented, and millions worth of Muslim properties were torched by the LTTE gangs despite Hakeem's agreement with Prabhakaran. Hakeem and the gang of moribund Muslim politicians in the UNP shamelessly absolved the LTTE for the blatant crime despite convincing evidence and instead stupidly blamed the opposition political groups including JVP.

Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe, the non-Buddhist pro-LTTE elite group of the government, and lackeys like Hakeem may have their grand design and earnest desire to handover the two provinces of North and East on a platter to the LTTE to please and serve the hidden interests of the western imperialists and the neo-proselytes. Government's obtuseness to protect its own forces and blindness and inaction to contain the blatant LTTE atrocities against the State Security Forces and the non-Tamil population in the Eastern province are pre-designed manoeuvres of this treacherous scheme. But the historical reality, the patriotic fervor, and the pragmatic aspirations of the majority inhabitants of the Eastern province, 68% of the population comprising Sinhalese and the Muslims could not be enslaved by these wild desires and grandeur but hollow schemes.

The opposition being demonstrated by the SLMC parliamentarians is a welcome sign and a pragmatic move. Several attempts made by UNP hireling Hakeem to diffuse the problem even by sowing division and hatred among the protesting group of Parliamentarians have ended in failure. Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe who has no regard whatsoever for the interests of the Sinhalese and Muslim communities in the Eastern province or even for the interest of the State Security Forces, but resolute to serve the LTTE is reported to have replaced Hakeem with the affluent Minister Mahroof to buy over the MPs. The LTTE organ "Uthayan" in its lead news item on 22nd October reports that Minister Mahroof held discussions with the Highways Miniser Mr. Athaullah, M.Ps Anwar Ismail, Haris and others for about 2 hours and the MPs have repeated their demand that Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe should publicly announce the solutions they have called for. It says that they also demanded setting up of another Joint Task Force similar to the one the Government has agreed to set up with the LTTE.

In the context these developments and the historical and demographic realities of the Eastern Province it is imperative that the temporary merger of the Eastern Province with the Northern Province made by J.R.Jayawardene on Indian coercion should be nullified and the Eastern Province should be allowed to prevail as a separate province. All peace loving citizens should join hands to save this province from subjugating it to LTTE and demand for its immediate demerger from the Northern Province.



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