The LTTE's Advice To The UNF Regarding Presidential Impeachment.

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The LTTE's advice to the UNF regarding Presidential Impeachment is no surprise considering their personal insecurities as well as the insecurities of some of the blackguardly ex- PA rail jumpers and turncoats now attempting to assert their status and avoid being eventually exposed for their transparencies, also taking up the cry of impeachment in order to cover up their indiscretions and liberties taken during their tenure in office.

To all appearances, once again a newly elected Sri Lankan Administration rather than addressing the real needs of the Nation is facing a likelihood of being coerced by the 'ne'er do wells' within its rank and file together with its nefarious allies the LTTE into catapulting yet another crisis, this time around an internal one where in no small measure the taxpayers money could be wasted colossally together with precious time that could be utilized for Nation Building.A complicity for which a heavy price could be the end result not only for their futile perceptions but also for the Sri Lankan People pinning their faith on the capabilities of the New Administration towards restoring a normal order rather than plunge it further into disarray.

That the LTTE terrorist organization is playing its final trump card to avoid their being brought to justice alongside the deserters of the previous regime now hand in glove with the UNP some of whom also have concerns about their personal irregularities while in office of misappropriations of vast sums of money, entering into unauthorised and illegal transactions involving NGO's and Private Corporations and Foreign Financial Institutions together with various other acts of personal misconduct classically exposed by the scenario involving Sri Lankas Sports Princess Susanthika Jayasinghe which has gone unabated rather disgracefully together with many high handed manouverings such as the attempts to unseat the Chief Justice to name a few, are all contributing factors towards the urgency for impeachment as the culprits demanding it are becoming painfully aware that they could possibly be existing on borrowed time and that their days as Representatives or Terrorists ! whatever the case may be, could be numbered.

A recent letter to the Editor contains a protestation against the UNF Government towards how they treat the the LTTE 'with a kid glove' whilst disregarding the Sinhalese Community where the writer questions the rights of the LTTE and the Tamil Community whom he points out as being Non -Indigenous to the Nation Of Sri Lanka and that there is no just cause to address their demands as a priority as in a sense of identity they are not rightful heirs to Sri Lanka, being imports and descendants of migrant workers imported to the country for labour rather than being Bhumiputras who had inherited the land through their birthright.
In essence though veiled in bigotry, there is a point the writer is trying to convey, being the alarming neglect of the needs of the indigenous Sinhalese, their security and the paramount importance of bringing to justice the abjectly criminal and violently destructive LTTE rather than enter into plea bargains and dubious peace deals with them knowing fully well their potential to resort to violent measures and re-commence the havoc and terror they have continued virtually unabated for decades.It cannot be shoved under the carpet that despite World Opinion the LTTE are carrying on regardless and have had the affront to make public statements that their "Ceasefire Will Be Extended Into February" almost legitimizing their existence while offloading huge arms consignments and recruiting new cadre while the Wickremasinghe Administration turns a blind eye!.

Being the great exponents of theatrics both Nationally and Internationally where their facetiously presumptuous and falsely projected dialogue is being exposed as a facade for terrorist activity they somehow seem to curry favour with the Wickremasinghe Administration regardless of theis status and now have taken on an advisary role on the need to and how to topple the Presidency which somehow needs a two third majority in Parliament and huge support from many areas of the political arena which seems an unlikely prospect nevertheless for its instigators.

Those who design plot and propagate insidious harm to the Nations President would surely pay the price for their treasonous intent as contrary to their expectations there are Just Forces Within and Outside the Nation determined to stand firm and astute in their defence of the Presidency, Sri Lanka Democracy and the Will Of The People which stands in the way of the ambiguous demands of the LTTE veiled behind a call for peace which still spells out as Eelam and if the LTTE and their evil cohorts believe that they could repeat their successes in India and the Rajiv Gandhi Regime which proceeded far byond impeachment, they must be sadly mistaken.

As for those trying to cover their tracks for their excess and other malpractices while in office, they could expect the eventuality of vicissitude to engulf them once the dust has settled and the falesly illuminated vision of impeaching the President in their best interests should be erased once and for all from their insidious minds detracted from reality!!!

This is a time for the Government to stand firm against the forces of evil on the outside looking in as well as some of its rotten inner core whose destructive designs could easily plunge the Nation into Anarchy and destroy its very existence.The Wassail "Long Live The President! " seems to be gaining momentum at an important phase of Sri Lankan History and its decibel rating could very well increase a year hence!!!.


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