THE NEXT MOVE - Humpty Dumpty?

Prof. Hudson McLean

Now that RanilW and his “Wise Men” have been put in place by the Supreme Court, the next big question is “What Next?”

If the great “wise” team of government advisors of RanilW have any degree of self respect, they should have tendered their resignations, forthwith. In fact, RanilW should walk upto the President, humbly apologise and then tender the resignation of his government. Let there be a caretaker government, until such time an alternative leader/party takes up the option or until elections are held.

But do politicians have any self respect? I personally think that, some of the common street wh***s have more dignity and self respect than some politicians!
(With my apologies to the street wh***s for comparing them with politicians.)

RanilW, under the influence of the LTTE/TTT (Tamil Tiger Terrorists), the TTT mighty Tamil International advisory team, the “Blue eyed Oil Sheikhs” from the Land of Vikings, (referred to collectively as King VP’s men) tried one step too high. Perhaps RanilW had forgotten the old nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty”.

“-----------had a GREAAAAAAT fall. And all the King (VP)’s horses and all the King (VP)’s men, Could not put Humpty together again!”

The TTT whilst giving lip service to the “Peace Process” (what peace process?”) were building up their arsenal openly, under the very noses of the RanilW government Security Forces. This is RanilW’s secret weapon. The weapon of Blackmail of his own people. With all the goodwill of King VP’s men on RanilW’s side, if the Prime Minister wished to disarm the LTTE/TTT, he had the power. He chose not to do it, simply to use the TTT arsenal as his own personal weapon.

According to reliable sources, the network is ready and awaiting a nod and a wink from the terrorist supremo Velupillai Prabhakaran to light the fireworks, if the road blocks against RanilW are replaced by the PA.

If one day, God forbid, the LTTE/TTT exploded one single device and destroyed one single Sri Lankan life, RanilW should be brought against the International Court in the Hague and charged with Murder, Accessory to Murder, Crimes Against Humanity and Engaged in Conspiracy with Internationally Proscribed Terrorists.

As we have suggested, the majority of Sinhala Nation, according to the BBC World survey, is totally against the Principle of Carving the Island of Sri Lanka, and handing over 40% of the land to terrorist forces, who have no democratic right to exist.

Whilst we all appreciate the peace and tranquillity RanilW has brought into Sri Lanka, it is an accepted fact that neither the Sri Lankan nor the foreign governments wish, a temporary peace as a prelude to a blood bath by the TTT, on the pretext of civil disturbances, in order to take over the entire Island.

The likes of Prabhakaran, Balasingham, Norwegians are not going to be satisfied with the North East as their domain. The moment if they gained power (and we hope that such a tragedy will never ever happen, even if the sun began to rise from the West), the TTT aim is to consolidate the Hills as another Province with a road between the East and the Hills, which may resemble the road to East Berlin through West Germany.

PA led by CBK must now act with utmost caution and professionalism. The President, to a large extent, must continue with the Peace Process, but not at the price which the LTTE/TTT demand. That is a give away!

First, a Referendum as we had suggested, as outlined in-;

Prof. Hudson McLean (LankaWeb - 09/10/02)

The LTTE/TTT and/or their lackeys should pay heed to the Democratic Process, if they understand what that means.

Above all, the LTTE/TTT are fully aware that the civilised world is in no mood to tolerate terrorism any more. With the Al Qaeda boys on Cuba belching on their own, bombs exploding in Indonesia, Philippines, anihilating innocent civilians, have made their impact on the entire ASEAN nations as well as on Australia, UK, USA and the rest of the civilised world.

The Australians will not tolerate any more LTTE/TTT rubbish on their soil anymore. When a terrorist bomb kills a hundred or more of your own citizens, it hurts a great deal more than the death of a few thousand poor innocent Sri Lankans. It is also a matter of time when the Press will announce the links between LTTE and Al Qaeda. Such information is held back to give the Peace Process a breather, on the advice of the Norwegian government.

With drug peddlers of LTTE now in the process of being kicked out of Canada, any news of other involvements in terrorism, narcotics and gun running using LTTE vessels will spell nasty omens to the jungle boys in Wanniya.

Madam CBK! Let the Island enjoy Christmas and a New 2003. Choose a dry month, without downpours and strong winds to hold a referendum, perhaps in February 2003.

When the Nation finally decides on what they want, democratically, perhaps RanilW may change his surname to Wickramasingham and migrate to Tamil Nadu.

Yes, the offer from Norway to allow Velupillai Prabhakaran, his family and his coterie of Tigers to settle down in Bergen, is still believed to be open. The King of Tigers may be allowed to exercise his options to operate his on-going shipping business or manage a fishing business, and still have his Dosai with a few fried giant Atlantic prawns on the side.

Due to fear of his own life, King of Tigers and his goons may opt out to reside in the floating palace which is well on the Norwegian drawing boards of Kvaener Yards in Norway.

And then, we all can live happily, ever after!


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