Prof. Hudson McLean

The LTTE/TTT has reduced the status of the democratically elected Prime Minister of Sri Lanka to a mere “Shoe shine Boy” or a “Third Grade Civil Servant”.

Now that RanilW has cowed under the table by giving in to all the demands of the LTTE/TTT, a terrorists are now blackmailing the PM with direct threats of withdrawal from the “Peace” conference.

One should take note of the comment made by Dr Anton Balasingham that, if the LTTE/TTT decided to withdraw from the “Peace” table, they will exercise their right to return to violence.

Now all the pawns are in place. The LTTE/TTT suicide cadres are well positioned throughout the Island. The weapons have been transported to Colombo, Kandy and several other key locations. The FM broadcasting service is in place at the command of Velupillai Prabhakaran.

The LTTE/TTT is now perfectly placed to order their minion RanilW to get off his back side and do as he is told!

1: Remove the SLDF off the Security Zones.
2: Order RanilW to kick Eelam People's Democratic Party (EPDP) off Jaffna and the North.
3: Clear all the Muslim “nana’s” out of the Tamil Zones.
4: As the dust settles, kick the Sinhala out of the NW, NE
5: Apply UDI and then raise the Tiger Flag and give the “two fingers” to any one who tries to oppose.

RanilW will be ordered at a point of a gun to the entire Nation with a blanket of suicide bombers around the Island, to ethnically clean the NW, NE for and on behalf of the LTTE/TTT.

Prabhakaran and Balasingham have never intended to abandon their claims for an independent LTTE/TTT State. The entire “Peace” charade is for the benefit of, the larger global audience, only as a mere temporary, stop gap measure, until the shoe laces are tied properly.

Thanks to the absolute stupidity and unfathomable greed of RanilW for any slice of the Sri Lankan political cake, at any price, RanilW invited the Devil himself to lodge in his own territory.

What are the motives of the aging old Prof. G.L. Pieris are not quite clear.
He has reached the peak of his political career and has no where else to go.

MilindaM hangs onto his cousin RanilW like a stamp onto a postcard simply to obtain a few political benefits and the kick-backs.

The RanilW circus has made him look an absolute fool, specially when, (Yes When) the whole damn “Peace Circus” merry-go-round runs out of steam and ends in a massive blood bath.

There is no ultimate solution in Federalism in Sri Lanka. The Island must remain as a unitary State. The past twelve months have shown that RanilW has no leadership quality or personal integrity to lead Sri Lanka. His main concern is “Numero Uno” that is aka “RanilW”. He is a loser from the beginning. If not for his illustrious father, Esmond, RanilW would probably be selling ice cream at the Galle Face Green. His main ambition is to grab the title of President, irrespective of the land mass of Sri Lanka or what the total population has to give, in order to be satisfied with some crumbs thrown by the LTTE/TTT.

With the LTTE/TTT calling all the shots, if any patriotic leadership is left in the Island, someone, either political or indeed Military, should now move in and take the Command immediately to save the Nation.


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