It is Time to make our country prosper.......


Dear Honorable minister Tyrone Fernando,

I have been reading many things about who is right and who is wrong and who to blame for the troubles in our country.

Let us realize that many westerners are laughing at our political play in our country and making mockery of us the Sri Lankans as the whole people. Regardless of Tamil or Shingles.

It is time for us to embark on the journey to rebuild the country with less hostility and focus on the progress that is reaping the roof of the rest of the world.

Let us stop this war, give every one equal rights as one would render impartial equal love to their children in a family. Let the children grow to become more powerful and delightful professionals of trade and talents.

England is mere twice the size of our country, has ruled the world for years and reaped all the wealth. How it was possible? Unity.Unity among the clans of the English enables to rule the world, regardless of they are Irish, Scottish and main land English.

In that manner, we should recognize all the children of Sri Lanka, and give them equal opportunity within the family as individuals. Thus we can embark on the journey to make wealth and bring prosperity to the nation as whole.

All my dreams is to make our economy as powerful as the western first with tourisms, industrialization and education. Then we can embark on the journey to become the most wealthiest country. I have this dram every day and want to make it a reality.

We are in very good position to make the world trade to embark through our country as the next revolution as Singapore. We have many bright minds wasting their lives in the west.

I want to join with my people to make a country that will not only be more powerful together as one nation than few sticks of fighting and feuding nationals. It would be hard to brake the sticks when they are together. Don't let the western powers brake our country thus they can have the power in future as in colonial times.

In today's world, the western power comes in the means of loans and charitable donations. We should be one of the richest people in future. I am thinking to come home after finishing my medical education to make us one nation, one people and one prouder country that world can use as an example for millenniums to come.

The raise and fall of powers no longer in terms of occupation and domination. It is wealth, the power of future. As china embarked the journey with more than 300% GDP growth rate and India with more than 200%, so can we.

We, as a nation can indeed become a shipping Mecca,for the world of goods and cargo and be a Jewel of Indian Ocean, rather than the tear of it.

Thank you,



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