Who Is Prof. G.L.Peiris Trying To Kid Regarding LTTE De-Proscription.

Gotabhaya - Lions Of The South (L.O.T.S.) for LankaWeb

Laying his credibility on the line and making his intellect questionable Prof. G.L.Peiris has stated that de-proscription of the LTTE within Sri Lanka will have no affect on International de- proscription and that the USA has accepted it. By making such an irresponsible statement Pro. Peiris either does not understand the basic semantics and concepts of de- proscription which do not come in the 'One For The Goose And One For The Gander' form unfortunately for his rationale unless he is attempting to bring in a double standard through misinterpretation of the American Ambassador Ashley Willis' recent statement that Sri Lanka is free to its decision making which the US Government will not interfere with and a far cry from condoning or approving it in merely stating US Government Policy towards unilateral moves by the Sri Lankan Government.

Joining the band of ' Pretentious Naked Fakirs' of Sri Lankan Politics feigning holiness in all their objectives yet shooting their mouths with their incongruous and rather obtuse statements to which the Foreign Minister Tyronne Fernando appears also to be a party to, in his tirades against his predecessor Mr. Kadirgamar, Prof. Peiris has raised many eyebrows within the International Community wondering what he is talking about, and in what context and capacity the International Alliance Against Terrorism could possibly accept the LTTE being de-proscribed within the confines of Sri Lanka and not outside it?.

Insipid as these statements are they do appear to have an insidious intent displayed rather callously and far removed from the responsible nature of the high offices held by both these individuals who need to be quelled and admonished in the name of sanity as otherwise the opportunistic predators the LTTE are would surely strike home their advantage in making their next move which may have nothing to do with the Peace Process already shrouded in ambiguity and taking the form of a mirage.

The de-proscription of the LTTE the world over has grown in momentum and continuing, and has not been weakened by 'Namby Pamby' interpretations of it being acceptable in some forms and not in others which is what Prof. Peiris' statements amount to and cannot be justified if the Nation's Security is to be maintained at a stable equilibrium.The bandwagon which he has jumped on together with his comrade in arms Tyronne Fernando has failed to heed the words of wisdom spoken in Parliament by the partiotically eloquent former Foreign Minister Mr. Kadirgamar whose efforts towards preserving the Nation and the decorum shown by him in carrying out his responsibilities is a cause for great admiration and respect for all Lankans. In fact the wisdom of Mr. Kadirgamar and his advice on the imprudence of granting concessions to the LTTE seems to have fallen on deaf ears in addition to fogged up eyeglasses! So who is Prof. G.L Peiris trying to kid about the technicalities of de-proscription or has he worked out the related anomalies with the best interests of the LTTE in mind and in anticipation of a 'payback'?


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