Government of the North alias "Namada Arashaangam"


The present government installed in power by terrorist funds, loan sharks, racketeers, alien vassal NGOs, underworld elements, misguided minority sections, western religious sects, have dutifully dispensed all its time and energy to serve the areas beyond Vavuniya. During the previous bogus ceasefires, except during President Premadasa's idiotic honeymoon, the barbarous terrorists amassed weaponry and other war related materials clandestinely by smuggling through sea routes. The present government with umpteen number of terrorist agents, commiserates, and panders in its gigantic group of Ministers has fulfilled almost all demands presented by the terrorists, despite the fact that they were responsible for systematically destroying this nation for almost two decades, desecrating and inhumanly murdering innocent devotees at places of worship including Sri Dalada Maligawa, Sri Maha Bodhiya, Muslim Mosques in the East and Church of Madhu, bombing and destruction of economical targets, massacre of religious dignitaries, politicians and several thousands of innocent unarmed people, including women and children.

The work done in these areas by the terrorist-agent Ministers and the government where the people are yet under the enslavement of the terrorists surpass by many fold the service done to certain under developed neglected areas in the south by all governments since the so-called independence. Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene, who is reportedly given the current portfolio on the insistence of the terrorists is even stepping into other Ministries in his quest to serve his terrorist masters. One of the biggest impediment the terrorists had was lack of facilities to treat their casualties. In order to ease this hindrance the hospital in Madhu is being upgraded with all modern facilities.

While "Namada Arashaangam" (our government) is completely dedicating all its efforts to exclusively serve this area the terrorists are continuing with all its anti national activities without any hindrance due to the idiocy of the government. Weaponry and fuel are being smuggled and amassed even in day time but the naval forces remain powerless to prevent movements of the sea-tiger boats. Collection of ransom and taxes have been enhanced and even a bullock cart is compelled to pay them Rs. 5000/= as ransom money. Recruitment and training has been strengthened and it is reported that the terrorists had lectured school principals in the Trincomalee District saying that they had reached the last stages of the Ealam War.

In the meantime, terrorist Anton Balasingham commenting on Prime Minister Ranil Wickremasinghe's treacherous declaration on the move to deproscribe the terrorist organisation has said that ''deproscription of the LTTE will be a recognition of the legitimacy of the Tamil people's struggle.'' He has further said that "it is not a concession but an acknowledgement of their position". If the government has any self respect this statement alone is sufficient to change their strategy, but such a thing cannot be expected from a group installed by pro-terrorist elements and controlled by terrorist agents within the rank. Only concerted and joint efforts by all patriotic people to sternly demonstrate their opposition to this unwarranted appeasement could change the course.


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