By F. Gump

I am quoting from "Images of Sri Lanka through American Eyes - travellers in Ceylon in the 19th & 20th centuries - a selected anthology by H.A.I Goonetilleke. In page 274, Victor Heiser in "Snakes in Eden (1915)" says :

"Living is easy in Ceylon, and the Sinhalese, the native born, choose not to work for the planters. Therefore, laborors have to be imported for the year-round task of gathering the leaves in the tea estates. Fortunately, an inexhausible supply of Tamils exists in the great Presidency of Madras, which sprawls down the eastern and up the western coasts of South India. When the Rockefeller Foundation decided upon Ceylon as a demonstration centre, about one hundred thousand coolies, including their families, were going annually to the Ceylon tea and rubber plantations, etc. etc.

A detention camp had been built at Mandapam, at the tip of India, through which half of these coolies passed on their way to the estates. According to contract, the planters provided their living and hospital care, but otherwise did little more than cater to their insurmountable caste demands. HINDUS, FOR EXAMPLE, LOSE CASTE WHENEVER THEY LEAVE THEIR COUNTRY AND TRAVEL OVER WATER. THIS COULD BE RESTORED BY RELIGIOUS CEREMONIES AT THE TEMPLES OF DHANUSHKODI OR RAMESWARAM WHEN THEY RETURED FROM CEYLON".

I am writing to ask whether anyone could enlighten us more as to these secretive practices little known to Sri Lankans at large, and whether such practices are still going on in South India. If so, this could explain why they are so desperate for this separate State in Sri Lanka and the latest idea about a bridge connecting Sri Lanka with South India.

By crossing water, low caste South Indians would lose caste and by converting to Christianity in Sri Lanka, they lose caste permanently. If this is the terrible secret truth behind all the Tamil terrorism in Sri Lanka, why not have a South Indian Government sponsored scheme for the low caste Tamils to convert to Christianity or any other religion in South India itself ?

This would spare Sri Lanka all its agonies. Our embassies in New Delhi and Chennai (Madras) must point this out to the Indian Lok Sabha to spare Sri Lanka untold pain. Other alternative ways must be devised to remove the low caste status of Indian Hindus.

Velupillai Prabhakaran, himself a low caste Tamil, has converted to Christianity (another well kept secret). Of course, his type of Christianity is against all teachings of Jesus Christ.

It also explains why the Christian Western NGOs have so much power among the Tamil Tigers.

They have the power of easy conversions as well as enticing them with education and jobs. Of course, once South Indian low caste Tamils come to Sri Lanka, they become easy fodder for the LTTE.

The Indian economy is slowy collapsing and the hungry masses in South India view the fertile little island of Sri Lanka as paradise. (See attached article "Three years of nothing" Island 18 Feb. '02). Sri Lanka will have to be very vigilant regarding the so called returning refugees from South India.

Let us hope that the present government of Sri Lanka will not make the same foolish mistakes that the past governments have done.


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