Strengthen the Coalition against the MOU


The emergence of a broad coalition against the MOU brokered by the Norwegian neo-colonialists and blindly and hastily signed by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe is a welcome sign although it is a much belated move. The gagged press and electronic media some owned and controlled by kith and kin of Wijewardene clan and others by pro-alien pro-UNP media barons were misleading the public by whitewashing the horrendous crimes of the sheep-skin clothed terrorists and presenting these terrorists leaders as new born peace evangelists. Except one daily, views and opinions critical or exposing the adverse clauses of the MOU or violations of its terms and conditions by the terrorists, or anti-national activities being blatantly carried out by the terrorists in the guise of peace were totally suppressed and concealed.

Even an insignificant act done by the terrorists or the so-called 'peace tycoons' were blown out of proportion. Extortion of money from the innocent public, death threats to the non-compliant masses were subdued and concealed. Terrorist leader's press conference was given the maximum coverage and it was distorted as a historical and the biggest event in the century attended by several hundred foreign journalists, whereas in truth only fifty-six foreign journalists had attended this infamous press conference. The boisterous statements made by the terrorist leader and his aide about non-compromising on the Separate State issue and non-recognition of Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe as their Prime Minister was blacked out and instead non-relevant insignificant dubious pledges were highlighted and given maximum publicity.

The terrorist leadership under the guise of cessation of hostilities, the whole North and East were virtually brought under their complete control and yet were demanding the government to concede further. They intensified their anti-national activities with weapons smuggling, recruitment and training cadres, issuing decrees on tax payments, compulsory contributions from income, ransom, etc. Everything was on a one way traffic and nothing was received in return. At a time when the people are being misled by the government with deceit and distortion, the sovereignty of the nation is in real danger,the statement issued by all leading Buddhist monks and lay organizations is a tremendous boost to the dormant anti-MOU populace to emerge from their slumber, shed the fear psychosis and demonstrate and demand the need to curb the segregation steps being pursued and intensely carried out by the terrorists. Ironically Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe's personal involvement in stopping this statement published or televised by the media exposes his complete devotion to protect and sustain the terrorists. Under these circumstances,it is encouraging to note that many opposition Parliamentarians have converged into a forum to oppose the MOU, its outcome and the terrorist demands. Complete participation of religious dignitaries and the people in the protests and demonstrations against the acts and pronouncements of the unyielding terrorists until they compromise on their stubborn stand, denounce terrorism and eelam, dismantle and destroy or handover their weaponry, accept Sri Lankan governments authority for the whole of Sri Lanka, is essentially vital to establish real peace and halt the attempts of blind and unilateral appeasement destined to piece this country.


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