Some Gliches Of The Sri Lankan Tour Of England Relative To Officiating.

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Amidst a plethora of post game analyses of the drawn First Test and the furore of chucking accusations directed at paceman Ruchira Perera, English Skipper Nasser Hussain says that they were unprepared for the unexpected performance of Sri Lanka in a manner suggesting imagined English superiority when the fact of the matter is they just got lucky not to be overcome by and innings or at least 10 wickets due to being let off the hook through unimaginative captaincy and the lack of killer instinct by Sri Lanka to drive home the advantage.

The wonderful batting performances of Marvan Atapattu, Mahela Jayawardena and the evergreen Aravinda de Silva were sadly eclipsed by a dropping of the guard by Jayasuriya who decided on a defensive field in the English second innings in bowling to a single slip and a packed outfield where an attacking field was a mere figment of one's imagination wheareas it screamed to be the obvious alternative and thus setting into perspective the semantics of captaincy one wonders at times whether Arjuna Ranatunga's retirement was premature!?

The British Press spurred on by the ever obnoxious Ian Botham maintains the superiority of the Brits and that they were in an elevated league and denigrating Sri Lanka's bowling as mediocre although the fact of the matter is that they were quite fortunate to face an attack which lacked the wizardry of Muttiah Muralitharan and regardless of British posturing towards their so called superiority they are a dwindling force who just got lucky this time around , a team which even with a well conditioned Darren Gough and Mike Atherton and co.would have taken a bashing from a full strength Sri Lankan Side.

Curiously enough the Ruchira Perera controversy has raised many eyebrows in many quarters especially in view of the ICC's mild disposition towards it suggesting ''a can of worms' which it appears to be reluctant to open as the officials include the at times rather impulsiveHarper and Venkataragavan who have made appalling decisions in recent history who are now fading in years presenting questionable faculties and whose track records have indicated a trigger happy mentality in the past albeit being the contending force of officialdome to raise the issue nudged by an insignificant officiating cameraman probably spurred on by a pro English lobby which appears to be trying third degree tactics to elevate their favourite team.

If the world did not know better, all of this posturing to maintain a false status by a misguided few would appear to be racially motivated by a bunch of cricket supporting rednecks and fortunately for the quorum of posturers there are personalities such as the mercurial Tony Greig , Geoff Boycott, Tony Lewis and a few other gentlemen whose impartiality is face saving for the motley band of apathetic critics who have recently emerged from the British Cricketing Bandwagon to say the least, which also seems to have their counterparts on the other side of the Atlantic Down Under not fogetting the incarcerations of Muttiah Muralitharan and Shohaib Akhthar during recent Australian tours.

Curiously enough, in the case of Ruchira Perera, on the last English Tour of Sri Lanka when the tourists were exposed to the raw pace of Perera, apart from scrambling for safety and ducking there were no protests or complaints about his bowling action and the inference must rest on the fact that he did not take too many wickets and was not a contending force but the moment his potential threat to the English batting mirror imaging the same threat posed by Akhthar to the Australians emerged, the pundits began screaming about their respective bowling actions.

One wonders what mayhem, state of the art equipment and jet propelled imaginations which are supposed to embellish today's game would have surfaced had they been present in the times of Larwood, Tyson, Hall, Griffith, Lillee, Thompson! some of the fastest bowlers of all time who more than eclipsed the modern day speed merchants such as Ambrose, Walsh, Donald, Akhthar and Romesh Ratnayake although the last mentioned together with Akhthar did have their trepidations but were a delight to watch especially when recognized world class batsmen were seen running for cover from their onslaughts.

The Sri Lankan cricketers surely are on their way to the top and it will be a matter of time before they assert their authority and if these moves by indiscriminate officials of the game are a ploy to prevent it they have another thought coming.


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