Conciliations Without Trepidations By A Near Lame Duck Led Administration.

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Conciliations without trepidation seem to be the motto of the near lame duck Wickremasinghe Administration's Defence Ministry in its latest moves to palaver the LTTE and are now throwing all caution to the winds in acceding to LTTE demands and continuing to further irk the wrath of the Nation which has never been assured of its Security either by the Administration or by Norway whose combined efforts will surely run the Sinhala Nation into the ground as surely as the morass it has thus far created in the Mid East by being involved in the peace effort there by way of an analogy as their aspirations appear to be gradually turning into chaos and what is to prevent the same scenarion in Sri Lanka?.

Gestures towards removing the Armed Forces from places of worship, education and community locales seem fair enough broadbased on the principle that their sojourn in these locations were intended to be temporary until an alternative was found, but to totally dismantle their existence and pull out to appease a group of nefarious criminals in the speculative hope that peace will arrive in due course is foolhardy and suicidal in the face of what the LTTE have been projecting their efforts towards, namely a huge revamping of their military infrastructure and augmenting their cadre which suggests very ominously their real intent.The Administration obviously does not seem to believe in weighing the possibilities of the worst case scenario and prefer to bury its head in the sand in the manner of an ostrich in a sandstorm!

That there should be no dismantling of any Security Positions in the North and North East without alternative relocations in strategically proximate locations in the event of an unexpected escalation of LTTE hostilities is basic military strategy inasfar as its relativity to the situation within the country is concerned irrespective of the uneasy calm which presently prevails and in particular one must consider the veiled treats by the LTTE on an almost daily basis as being " Hobson's Choice" in concluding thus. The fools seem to be rushing in where wise men fear to tread as the saying goes and one such seems to have surfaced in the form of Austin Fernando, Secretary to the Ministry of Defence who has suggested on behalf of his equally inept Ministry that there will be military pullouts without alternatives and a cause for great concern in the best interests of the SINHALA NATION! regardless of whom else it may affect.

The moves under reference apparently are based on an evacuation deadline set as part of a Norwegian-brokered ceasefire to end nearly two decades of fighting that has killed an estimated 64,000 people. Quoting the latest Defence Ministry Bulletins ''We are very sorry that we were not able to do this before the deadline,'' Austin Fernando, Secretary of the Ministry of Defence has stated to the media. and has gone on to indicate rather irresponsibly what amount to a consent to capitulate unconditionally to LTTE demands saying ''But I am giving you this update because I don't want to hear that we have failed in our duty.'' end quote, leaving the Nation aghast as to which duty towards whom he might be refering to?. Soldiers often occupied existing buildings in warzones such as temples, schools and hospitals instead of setting up alternate camps in its war against the rebels, fighting for an ethnic Tamil state in the North and North East of the country which now appears to have been a cardinal error in the first instance and in typical lacksadisical fasion the Administration is now effecting the greatest copout ever in compromising the Nation's safety in bending to terrorist demands reiterating that the Government promised in the truce agreement to remove soldiers from places of worship located in conflict areas by the end of March unconditionally and with no alternative measures to ensure the continuity of guarding the Nation.

''I am very happy that all the places of worship have been evacuated with the exception of three temples,'' Fernando said, adding Buddhist monks in the occupied North andNorth Eastern region temples wanted the Forces to remain and the voices of the Buddhist Monks in hindsight may yet prove to be the ultimate reality as theirs is a greater right to assertion being true representatives of the Sinhala Nation whom the Administration has apparently cast aside in their stumblings towards implementing the out of whack Peace Process which is fast becoming a process of compromise and betrayal. Some of the following statements which were part of the Defence Ministry Communique leaves little doubt that their attempts to restore peace are based upon rather flimsy criteria.

1. Soldiers were sent to the North and East of the Island to fight the rebels, who are Hindus. About 75 percent of Sri Lankans are ethnic Sinhalese Buddhists, most of whom live in the southern region.Is this an affirmation then,that the majority ethnic group being stronger in the Southern Regions of the Country have no right to security and that infamous LTTE operations in the Northern and Eastern regions could be tolerated and postulated with based on the hairbrained interpretations of non- military administrators representing the Defence Ministry?

2. On the military having missed a March 24 deadline to publish a schedule detailing when soldiers would leave public buildings such as hospitals schools and community centres,. Fernando said he expected to release the report later this week in a manner indicating the insecurities of the Ministry whose policies do not indicate a resolve to place the priorities of defending the Nation as primary as otherwise a firm schedule detailing the next move would have been set in place incorporating alternative defence measures while relinquishing the occupied locations."Troops stationed in war-battered schoolzones have started pulling out and are expected to evacuate before the August 1 deadline", he said which also sound more of a concoction as such a move would have to be approved in Parliament and so far there has been no indication of this in the absence of a certain required majority!.

The LTTE uprising began in1983 when the conflict erupted and previous attempts at peace had failed. The present mixed up priorities of the Wickremasinghe Administration appear to be a tossup between conciliations to the terrorists and jeapordizing the Nation's Security to a point of no return where little has been accomplished and the security worries of the Nation are in no better footing than when the conflict began as they are being compromised by an undiscerning and indiscreet Ministry of Defence.


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