Dr. Rohan Guneratna’s Book On International Terrorism Commendable And Disturbingly Accurate Unfortunately For Its Critics Led By Dr.Farish A.Noor.

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It comes as no surprise that Dr.Rohan Gunaratna eminent SriLankan intellectual, scholar and a leading authority on International Terrorism and Violence has come under fire from various parts of the Islamic world about his book “Inside Al Quaeda, Global Network of Terror and in particular from Dr.Farish A. Noor whose prejudices lie obviously in the fact that he himself is of the Islamic faith and has contributed to the fact that Dr.Guneratna's Book is being viewed with raised eyebrows by some higher ups in Islamic Communities Globally, the Malaysian Government in particular and he cannot attempt to undermine the authority, research and painstaking fact finding efforts of Dr Gunaratne who has spoken out boldy in his book. Dr.Noor has admitted to the recognition of research done by Dr. Gunaratne but has insinuated that the book attempts to weave an 'elaborate narrative' which leaves quote” A Dubious Political Message With A Lack of Historical Understanding “ end quote and relative to soured US- Islamic Relations.

.The” historical understanding” Dr. Noor probably refers to probably goes back to the Crusades or Christian Holy Wards of medieval times which has proved to be an inglorious historical misunderstanding on the part of the Islamic World as to their objectives and should be reminded that the term Jihad too probably is an offshoot of retaliation to those ancient times when the Saracens were ingloriously put down in the name of righteousness and some means of justification for any retaliatory actions which have followed for generations and spilling over into the present millennium with devastating effect.

When Dr. Gunaratna refered to the US Government’s responsibility of being the main sponsor and benefactor of Al Quaeda by using the group in various covert operations in Afghanistan, Central Asia and Eastern Europe towards quote”A Dirty Proxy War Against The Soviets” end quote he was not fingering the US Government by any means, he was merely stating an indelible fact to which The US Government may have no choice other than resignation to the fact that it was indeed a grave error over a period of time! That the original Taliban was spurred on by the US to fight the Soviets is fairly common knowledge.

That there is an International Network of Terroism in existence presently and operating out of South East Asia has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt with the statistics emerging lately and thoroughly researched by Dr. Gunaratna and one need not look further than the Coalition Against International Terrorism inaugurated by US President George W. Bush for its very affirmation contrary to the opinion of Dr. Noor where many Moslem Clerics have propagated Anti American Hate messages in the very establishments designed for religious purposes involving Mohammedan Doctrine or its fundamental offshoots! Has Iranian hatred of the USA led by Ayatolla Khomeini already been forgotten? one might ask!

In order to contradict the information on terrorism in South Asia as presented vivdly with unerring acuracy in his book, the likes of Dr. Noor will have to disprove it with more than emotional interjections as the refered geopolitics and operational bases for Al Quaeda whether an embarrassment or not to the Nations cited do exist.That they are not nationally sponsored entities may be an acceptable fact where the onus of dismantling them rests on the Governments concerened, Pakistan being a noteworthy example struggling with its loyalties to the US Government yet almost being choked by the fervour and fanaticism of the Fundamentalist Islamic zealotry within.

That the United Nations has used Dr. Gunaratna’s rationale in condemning the Ruling Party of Malaysia which has been the cause of much distress for Dr. Noor and the Malaysian Government, yet reason enough to dispute any claims that Dr. Guneratna’s book is based upon conjecture as one would expect the United Nations to have obtained some factual credibilities towards their ruling and must surely know what they are talking about.

The knowledgable Dr. Guneratna through his book, probably has invaded a territory of great sensitivity to the very cause of Islam itself but there can be no denying the realities of what he has had to publicise in his book with near clockwork accuracy. To corroborate the nature and realities what he is saying, a certain Indonesian Cleric of Islam is under arrest and remarkable suspicion of being involved in the recent horrifying attacks on foreign tourists in Bali, Indonesia as this individual has been recorded as spreading hate messages in the very Institute he belongs to.Then there are the many reports which come in regularly from many corners of the Globe almost with unerring accuracy about anti American and Foreign Sentiment.

Dr Guneratna’s book is certainly an eye opener to the World at large, a World being shaken to its very foundations by the ruthless and cowardly effects of Global terrorism and the vermin who continue to propagate it in the name of Fundamentalist Islam and what the world has come to know as the incendiary term Jihad or Holy War!and for his outspokenness, all his admiring compatriots and expatriate Sri Lankans the world over commend and applaud his courage and wisdom.The undeniable evidence which Dr. Guneratna has presented to the world is disturbingly accurate despite the chagrin of the likes of Dr.Noor most unfortunately.






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