LTTE to administer North East as a Confidence Building Measure


Mrs. Nirupama Subramaniam and P.K.Balachandran are two correspondents with close ears to the inner circle of the terrorist hierarchy, who write to Indian newspapers accurately and precisely about the activities of terrorist LTTE. Very often their disclosures have been found factual and precursors for events to be unfolded.

In his latest report to the Indian newspaper Hindustan Times (25.03.02), Mr. Balachandran discloses that the government is to implement its plan to hand over the North-East provincial administration to the LTTE as a confidence building measure in the on-going 'piece' process. He states that a visit to the Muslim and Sinhala enclaves in the eastern districts of Batticalao and Trincomalee revealed that the people here feared that they might lose their human rights, privileges, property and even the right to stay on, if the government were to implement this plan.

This shows that the treacherous government and its gang of traitors are about to hand-over Ealam in the form of North East provincial administration to the enemies of this nation.

Mr. Balachandran's report gives credence to its story if viewed comprehensively with many related events. The repressive arm of the terrorists named as 'The Police Service of Thamil Ealam celebrated the tenth year of its founding last Saturday.

The terrorist leader Prabhakaran who addressed this function commended their exceptional performance and said that it should be developed into one that is equal to the best Police forces in the world with modern facilities.

If Sri Lanka is going to remain as a "Unitary State" as being deceptively pronounced by Mr. Ranil Wickremasinghe and his cohorts led by tongue twister G.L.Pieris what is the necessity for the terrorist clique to have a separate Police Force and strengthen it.

A report published in the State newspaper Daily News (25.03.02) states that the well known master spy Dr. Jayalath Jayawardene will seek to give a security assurance to the Muslim community in the North East that they will not be harassed or deprivation of their land rights will take place as a result of LTTE political activities in the area.

He has said that he plans to get a distinct pledge certifying the security of Muslim community from the LTTE hierarchy. What a pity? This itself confirms that the government has no control over the North East.

Another report indicates that the CID is on the trail of 'deshapremis' and is investigating on the activities of those who oppose the 'piece' plan. This shows that a repressive plan has been floated to suppress public opinion against the Ranil-Prabhakaran deegaya.

It is prudent to mention a statement of the terrorist leader extracted from one of the terrorist websites. It says 'The patterns of the battle may change, but our battle ideal will never change. Whether it be non-violent struggle or armed struggle, our liberation war has reached its peak'.

Continued protests and mass demonstrations by all segments of the polity could only save the nation from this great betrayal.


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