In the absences of a clear "political will" to defeat the LTTE militarily, the negotiated peace with them is the next option open to us

Sasanka De Silva, Sultanate of Oman.

I am at lose with the President of Sri Lanka's sudden dislike of the Norwegian peace mediators because a few months ago when her party was in power, they were a bunch of people who were with high credentials and committed to find a lasting solution to the lingering problem in Sri Lanka. The media was galore with happy faces and handshakes and now her party is not in power and the happy relationship had turned into a sour one.

Now the latest tune hear from their camp is that the sovereignty of the country is at stake. Was it not at stake when they were dealing with the Norwegians before and what sovereignty in fact she and her party are now talking about?

I think she interprets the word sovereignty to suits her convenience than commonly held wisdom and conviction.

I strongly believe, despite the high level of mistrust between the two parties that the latest peace initiative should be given a fair and another chance to mature because there is no other viable option available to us.

It is unfortunate but we have to accept that We the southerners did and do not have the "Political Will" to defeat the LTTE (Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam) terrorism militarily. If we had a clear "political will" to defeat the terrorist then in the recent past elections, the Sinhala Urumaya (Sinhala Heritage) and the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (Peoples Liberation Front or JVP) who were campaigning with the stand that if they come to power that they would defeat the LTTE militarily should have been given an opportunity.

Unfortunately it was not the case to be with the SU won only one seat and that too due to our very generous and complicated electoral system and the latter a few only

In the absences of a clear "political will" to defeat the LTTE militarily, the negotiated peace with them is the next option open to us although however hard and bitter it may be to swallow initially to many of us and including the self proclaimed guardians of the Sinhala and Buddhism in Sri Lanka.

If anyone of us are still dreaming of beating the LTTE, it is only the people of the north, who have been subjected to many of the LTTE's iron fist dictatorial policies will be able to do so not the people of the south of the country.

Even to achieve that and to break the status quo, we need to have good governance in the south. With a corrupt government in the south, the people of the north will not have any other option but to carry on with the LTTE dictatorial rules.

To them the known devil is much better than the unknown one.

First let us get our house in order and then the peace will dawn on us soon.


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