Will this be another 'Kapuwa Kapothi'?

Lyon Perera Melbourne Australia

Have you ever experienced a situation where a bride has fulfilled almost all the dowry demands made by a bridegroom, yet the groom has refused to set a date even for an engagement ceremony (forget about the wedding)?

It was the matchmaker who arranged it all, got an agreement signed by both parties, then persuaded the bride to fulfil all dowry demands made by the groom. Matchmaker even ignored misbehaviour by the bridegroom during this tenure.

This is exactly what is happening in Sri Lanka at the moment. Ranil the bride has fulfilled almost all the key dowry demands made by the bridegroom Prabhakaran through the Norwegian Kapuwa (matchmaker). As witnessed by many citizens, the matchmaker has ignored all violations of the agreement by the bridegroom but ensured that the bride fulfilled most of the key demands of the groom. Yet, neither the bride nor the Kapuwa have been successful in fixing a date for the so-called engagement ceremony - 'peace talks'.

What a pity? Last week it was reported in the press that the UNF government had requested the US government to exert pressure on the LTTE in this connection. No favourable response received from the USA to date.

This should wake up the majority of the Sri Lankans who are in a delusion that if the LTTE flips out of the agreement and engage themselves in an attack aimed in driving out all SL security forces out of the North and East, USA will be there to rescue us. If the US does not bother to exert even a little pressure on LTTE at a moment like this, can we ever think of solely depending on them in such a situation?

On the other hand, bride's favourite uncle, the UK is openly encouraging the groom to cause problems to the bridal party by hosting a rouge theoretician to disseminate ill will towards the bride.

Will our bride now agree to fulfil the few demands left such as 'de-proscription of the LTTE', ' Interim administration to the LTTE' in order to persuade the groom to set a date for 'matrimony'?

Well, if the bride agrees to allow 'consummation of marriage' prior to even the engagement ceremony, would this groom bother about a marriage after all his desires have been fulfilled?

Whatever it is, will this be another 'Kapuwa Kapothi'. No definitely not! As it will be the sovereignty and the unitary state of Sri Lanka that will be subject to a 'Kapothi' (cessation).

The groom will be 'up on the deal' after strengthening himself militarily, financially as well as politically through concessions granted by the 'MOU'. 'Kapuwa' will not alarmed. Why should he?

Instead, the Norwegian. Kapuwa will be laughing last. As they say he who laughs last, laughs best. Kapuwa., like the provable fox will have the satisfaction of pocketing his share at the end of the saga. The bride and her poor relations in South Asia would be in for a real shock.


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