Prof. Hudson McLean

Do the Muslims, who are already in deep s--t, from USA to Philippines, want to bury their noses in a cess pit with the LTTE/TTT?

The Muslims in general have a greatly tarnished name throughout the world. The LTTE/TTT have a horrid reputation mainly in Sri Lanka with the exceptions of narcotics peddling, prostitution, gang warfare in Australia, UK, Canada and in several other countries.

The Tamil-Muslim hatred towards each other has been going on for several decades. Partly due to cross cultural differences and mainly due to religion, both factions have been at each others throats.

On the other hand, Sinhala have got on quite well with the Muslim community with the exception of a few occasional communal flare ups.

As one has seen, the TTT are no great negotiators. Subtlety in not in their veins. But necessacity is the mother of invention and the Tamils decided to invent a relationship with the Muslims. And with the hope of playing a wild card in a potentially new gold mine in the North East, the Muslims fell in line. Both parties realised that this was a brief interlude prior to a major power game.

This is not going to be a marriage of convenience. Not even an engagement. It is more like a one night stand. If and when Velupillai Prabhakaran and his thugs get what they want, the Muslims will end up on the roasting spit. Like in Test Cricket, the Muslims will end up as the Ashes! The Tamil Eelam Police will have a field day. The story will be a cloned rerun of the Planet of The Apes.

Do you think the American would step into to save a bunch of Muslims who are getting the rough end of (a Richard aka a Dick) whatever from another bunch of terrorists?

The entire Muslim World will not even lift a finger to help a bunch of Sri Lankan Muslims of little or no consequence in any political game of Backgammon.

As the Supreme Court has announced, the RanilW and his “Wise Men” with a “Constitutional Expert” leading as the Court Jester, were trying to lead the entire Island of Sri Lanka, down the garden path into a den of Wild Tigers! So much for wisdom.

And the Buck Stops at the Top - meaning at the Prime Minister! Being a lawyer himself, he should know that “Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse to Attempt to Circumnavigate it for His own Personal Gain!”

The Sri Lankan Muslims have enjoyed a privileged position in the society and the Sinhala have accepted the Muslim Factor on an equal footing. Therefore, the Muslim Factor should now show to their fellow Sinhala brethren that they are not going to participate in a political game plan created by Norwegian mediators (or Pimps, a more appropriate description) to carve a beautiful Island into shreds.

The best bet for the Muslims, is to play with the PA, at least for the time being and support Madam CBK, the Devil We All Know!

PS: Thank you Anoma for your comment.





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