London Based LTTE News Engine's Entreaties To Support The UNF In Crisis, A Voice In The Wilderness!

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In what capacity does a proscribed bunch of hoodlums and terrorists have any right to comment on what's good for Sri Lanka's future? What makes them feel so smug that their covert chess game with self acclaimed Balasingham 'master moves' tantamount to mere crafty posturing for self survival is fooling anyone other than the Wickremasinghe Administration? Ere long the checkmate! on the Peace Process will recommence with all previous advantages towards victory lost to the opposition majority who has become aware of their real motivations, restrained to a degree in considering the delicate balance which has restored a semblance of calm within the Nation yet in the driving seat to activate at any given signal the restoration of order should the Administrationm critically falter!

Surely collective retributions for the pasts sins of the LTTE and the UNP are being delivered right now as the confusion within the two camps have set in very visibly indicating the gropingly unsteady yet defiant manner in which the LTTE are now considering their chances for survival and waving a banner for UNF survival also which to all intents and purposes have failed their cause. A banner which proclaims that Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe’s minority government in Colombo is in a critical crisis and bleating that “Sri Lanka’s future depends on a 'stable' UNF government.” regardless of the apparently sychophantic deviates and turncoats who help run it and facilitate the cause of the LTTE in so doing.A cause which has not seen any de-commisioning of weaponry, a denouncemet of the quest for Eelam nor a willingness to compromise towards assuring the Nation of their sincerity while continuing their operations even sporadically and resorting to a "Who Dunnit!? We Dunno! attitude often ignored by the blinkered Administration which fails to acknowledge that the tigers reminiscent of the feline species they name themselves after never change their stripes.

A rather cynical remark in the Tiger News Organ from the UK has nevertheless been expressed that quote“Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe is left now with two choices :- seeking a fresh mandate from the people or accepting his government’s perpetual vulnerability to ( President ) Kumaratunga’s unpredictable whim.” end quote and a poor choice of words with respect to the reference made about the President but nonetheless a near acceptance and contention that the Prime Minister's choices are limited to feeble options in the watchful eye of the Sinhala Nation whose destiny is more than likely to be sealed favourably regardless of which leadership eventually delivers peace ( The real and acceptable norms of Peace that is! ) through the resolute wisdom of its Matriarch, Madam President and the soon to be formed coalition of unity between all oppsition parties sincerely dedicated towards preserving the Nation.

The same News Organ continuing its propaganda has even remarked that “siren calls” for cohabitation between the President and the Prime Minister's UNF were “coming mainly from those who seek to unite the Sinhala 'polity' behind a Sinhala Nationalist Standard.” and most certainly and depending upon the interpretation of "Sinhala Nationalist Standard" the Sinhala majority rather than 'polity' has every right to unite towards maintaining an integrated Sinhala Nation without disruption from carpetgbagging terrorists who have no real right to represent the Tamil Community already accepted as a part of the Nation's mosaic.The same applies to the sychopants in pretense of their righteousness within the Administration who are all but betraying the Nations's Sovereignity and Territorial Integrity beginning with its ' namby pamby' leadership.

The writing's on the wall! Norway despite its eloquent though unconvincing rhetoric and the propped up Wickremasinghe Administration's ballyhooing thus far has failed to convince the majority within the Nation that their moves towards their concept of Peace does not seem viable as they have ignored continuously the Key Issues Vital To The Nation which rest primarily on its Security, Economy and the Real Needs Of The Common Man whose rights to exist and lead a decent life are being compromised in the long run regardless of the present theatrics of the Peace Process so cleverly enacted to fool the world by a motley bunch of players with no rights toward bartering with terrorists using the Nation's Sovereignity, its people and real estate as bargaining chips!.

The United Front Administration thus far has contributed very little towards asserting the rights of the Sinhala Nation which has been illustrated through the lack of confidence by many whose opinions have been polled and have responded intensely in affirmation that the UNF have failed and are unsure of their next move! Further confirmation of the unrest within the Nation's Administration to this effect is presently being voiced by many dissenting minority groups also critical of the Administration where many have rescinded their previous support which could prove to be termnal for the UNF.

Hence the opinions of the Liberation Tigers as expressed through their London based newsengine that The UNF Administration is the real deliverer of the Nation hardly counts and is no more than a voice in the wilderness and one of uncertainty.The only deliverers of the Sinhala Nation are its majority inhabitants themselves spearheaded by their Matriarch!



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