The Momentum Against The Peace Accord Increases As LTTE Woes Mount.

Nandimithra - Jathyanthara Singha Balawegaya For LankaWeb

There is a saying in the West that " if you cannot dazzle them with brilliance just baffle them with rubbish" and apparently a course of action currently being taken by the Wickremasinghe Administration whose sheer lack of insight, let alone brilliance seems totally out of whack for a Prime Minister of repute and the manner in which he continues to hoodwink the Nation indeed is a flinging of rubbish in the eyes of the gullible who continue to pin their faith in the Administration.

The stand being taken by Madam President in her refusal to sign the Peace Accord blindly without very close scrutiny is logical and commendable and the impending legal action planned by the Opposition challenging the legality of the Peace Process seems the most appropriate stand against a rotten cored accord designed for the benefit of the LTTE and Norway rather than the Sri Lankan Nation.

The LTTE have pinned their hopes on the accord as they believe rather naively that there will be no recriminations nor reprisals against them for the decades of attrocities committed by them against a Sovereign Nation and Norway's main objective being the urgent need to even forcibly repatriate a vast majority of Tamil refugees already posing problems for the Norvegian Administration in their demand for rights which Norway is not prepared to accede to and not due to a sudden love on the part of Norway for the well being of Sri Lanka as the problems being posed by the refugees within Norway has been broadcast rather audibly across the Western World as well as in Europe and has been a well known fact for sometime.

All in all the prognosis for the future of the Peace Accord based on its merits towards the needs of Sri Lanka do not appear to be good especially if the mounting opposition to it within the Nation from the people that count namely the majority Sinhalese continue to grow at the rate it is doing presently and most importantly with Presidential backing.

To add to the projected woes of the LTTE in their rather transparent show of empathy towards the Wickremasinghe Administration with their own show of baffling with rubbish what they cannot dazzle with brilliance towards their own ends, there has been a remarkable turnaround of the projected future political infrastructure of India leaning heavily towards the Congress Party based on the results of in the latest elections where the Vajpaye Administration has been sliced and all but decimated in key areas such as Uttar Pradesh and Tamil Nadu and the insistence that Prabhakaran the LTTE Leader wanted for his role in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination be handed over, more than likely becoming a demand and a key issue beyond its current status and a possible cause for embarrassment to the Prime Minister who is likely to be caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea as his role of empathy towards the LTTE has more than ascertained it as becoming a nightmare of a reality which may come back to haunt him lest he changes the direction he is presently headed in.


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