The Approval Of The Peace Process Needs The Will Of The People.

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While Pondering upon the vagaries and futilities of the Peace Process in its present format as being another attributeof the rather far fetched attempt of the Administration to resolve the Nation's woes through placating the LTTE leadership rather than confronting them in a manner which does not have to be as conciliatory as it seems (After All, aren't These Proscribed Terrorists Whose Track Record Needs No Emphasis Beyond It Being Hugely Criminal ), much to the chagrin of the Sinhala Nation watching almost helplessly as the policy makers of the UNF Coalition continue their calculated risk taking at the expense of possibly jeopardizing what is left of the self esteem of the Sinhala Nation, there lingers the nagging thought by many that the state of affairs in the country today is a direct result of botched policy by the previous regime who had more than ample opportunities to bring the LTTE to their knees yet made the wrong decisions and literally played into their hands as the memories of the late great Maj. Gen.Denzil Kobbekaduwa and the inimitable Maj. Gen. Janaka Perera who literally stood on the threshold of eradicating the LTTE come to mind flooding it vividly with dismay recalling the unfortunate circumstances which circumvented them.

Continuing to brush aside vital questions being asked by the Opposition, particularly by the JVP and the Sihala Urumaya and continuously covering up the key issues with their blatant lies and innuendos the Present Administration unwaveringly seems to be moving in the direction of a collision course with disaster lest it reconsiders the many aspects of compromise which beyond any reasonable doubt will be taken full advantage of by the LTTE and this is no idle conjecture nor an attempt to stall or hinder any prospect of a lasting peace but merely an attempt to provide an eye opener for a nearly blind group of leaders whose intentions may be to restore normalcy but fail to realise that their present path of policy making seems to be headed for a dead end and could project a trajectory of doom!

When the word "Compromise" is often highlighted by those opposing the format of the Peace Process it seems to be more than justified as the rationale behind it relates to the murderous and destructive intent of the LTTE and their unpredictability which more often than not is based upon facts and statistics by way of the trail of destruction and havoc left by the LTTE during the past decades and although previous regimes failed to corral the infamy and criminal projectionss of the LTTE due to mismanagemnt and bad decision making, there is no reason for the compromises and the avenues of access being provided to the LTTE by the present Regime as an alternative as the build up of insecurities it has initiated in the minds of the Sinhala Nation will eventually reach tumultuous proportions and to the detriment of the UNF Government who have presently placed themselves between the 'Devil and the Deep Blue Sea' with their promises to the LTTE on one hand and their 'Russian Roulette' playing with the Nation's Integrity and Security in letting down the guard of the Armed Forces, disarming anti LTTE vigilante groups with never a mention of the LTTE themselves laying down their arms or their build up of weaponry and recruitment of personnel.

At some stage of activities relative to the present state of affairs in Sri Lanka, the inevitable intervention of the hand of destiny will surely project itself for the better or the worse of the Sinhala Nation and its people who have suffered so much and whether it will be through Presidential intervention as Commander of the Armed Forces as a natural process of self determination of the Sinhala Nation in alienating itself from the wretched LTTE through whatever means available or total integration between all ethnicities as a unified Sri Lanka (the latter being highly unlikely at present!) is unpredictable but the event of a return to Normalcy under the present policies of the UNF Government seems rather a difficult prospect as it carries few sincerities towards the Sinhala Nation and merely projects the build up of confidence in a terrorist entity now emboldened into coming out of hiding to play tag with the media circus and rather sardonically present themselves as the saviours of the Tamil Community with so much blood on their hands including much of the Tamil Community as well.

To all those who keep harping on the theme 'Give Peace A Chance' it must be said in hindsight that the Trojans of 'Ancient Troy' too responded to the wonderful gesture of an apparent Peace Initiative and welcomed the 'Wooden Horse' into their midst but alas, to their utter surprise were eventually humiliated and wiped out by the enemy concealed within. Is there a hidden unthinkable possibility of the disintegration of the Sinhala Nation, inadvertently possible through the bunglings of the UNF Administration which could draw a parrallel with 'Troy'?

Let there be a referendum of purpose and true intent towards the will of the people, not a rigged one in the manner of the recently concluded Local Govt. Elections to determine whether the Sinhala Nation really approves of the present Peace Initiative and let Norway return home to its own backyard and get its act together before any gestures towards Sri Lanka's problems, as its leanings have been Pro LTTE from the very inception ( Solheim remembered!)and many far- thinking Sri Lankans have already indicated their disapproval of Norway's presence anyway! and have expressed confidence in Sri Lankas capability with proper leadership to address the issues positively while pre-empting the moon barkings of the likes of G.L Peiris, Tyrone Fernando and Tilak Marapone who should be really pursuing their Thespian Capabilities in another area of theatrics rather than one which dispenses the well being of the Nation in its best interests at an Administrative level which they seem to be ill equipped to handle.


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